The Revolt Against Maturity, Illustrated

Children do not hate maturity, to the extent that parents do!

“More immature, ignorant children – and fewer of them! – equals better job security.”

There are many ways to kill the future, not all of them as literal as abortions or sending millions of young men to die in some war somewhere.

The American Puritans stressed literacy to defeat “that old deluder, Satan.” Education was also important to man in terms of his calling. Schooling was thus very practical. In my youth, older men with any American schooling were excellent at “figuring.” They could calculate in their heads data about crops, expenses, and so on.

Early American schooling, and in the era of the early republic prior to Horace Mann, had short years, six weeks to three months. It was solid and hard training because the parents expected it. “Reading, writing, and arithmetic, taught to the tune of the hickory stick,” was what they wanted for their children. Schooling discipline, like home discipline, had to be strict.

After grade school, i.e., after grade 8, those going to a college or university attended a summer academy to get foreign languages, mathematics, and science. This meant college graduation at age 17-19, and an early entry into the adult world, and earlier marriages often.

Statist educators gradually lengthened the school years, weakened its content, and lessened its discipline. However, up to the 1929 Depression, an eighth-grade school prepared students ably for a working world. They had the basic skills.

With the 1929 Depression, state compulsory attendance laws were raised, even up to 16 and 18, to remove vast numbers from the work force. Many youths, unemployed, returned to school, i.e., high school. In my high school years, graduating in 1934, many students who were involved in sports were routinely disqualified from further participation because they had reached their twenty-first birthday. A problem of the day was that some younger teachers were 20 and 21 years old, and some students were dating them.

The Restoration of Education
By R. J. Rushdoony

The above except comes from the magazine Restoring Christian Civilization: but I suggest that the reader also check out Revolt Against Maturity.

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