Conflict Versus Harmony

Puritans Exploiting the Indians… Not.

The false idea of pluralism has a long history in America. It was basic to the first war faced by American colonists, King Philip’s War. American Indian culture had no overarching law to provide order and harmony; it was a conflict society. Men took what they were strong enough to take, and they enslaved whom they were strong enough to enslave.

Mark Twain lied when he said of the Pilgrims and the Puritans and their coming to America that first they fell upon their knees, and then they fell upon the Indians. The colonists wanted to share with the Indians the rights of freeborn Englishmen and the freedom of life under God’s law.

On January 29, 1675, a Christian Indian, John Sassamon, was murdered and thrown into a pond. He had warned the colonists of a forthcoming attack on them. Evidence, including an eyewitness, led to the conviction and hanging of three Indians, Wampanoags. The jury had been made up of both Indians and Englishmen. With this conviction, the Indians attacked (Mary Rowlandson, The Captive, intro. Mark Ludwig [Tucson, AZ: American Eagle Publications, 1988], pp. x–xi).

To the Indians, an overarching law governing all men was alien; they believed in a pluralism where every kind of practice was permissible, if a man could so enforce his will.

Chalcedon Position Paper No. 135, May 1991
By R. J. Rushdoony

Once upon a time, there was an open door to a better America.

But in the end, the spirit of the Indians won over America: in large part due to the support of an Englishman, Charles Darwin. But also due to the growing pride of a race that saw no need to be humble before the Lord anymore.

So, the Indians – and the rest of us – live in a world where every kind of practice is permissible, if a man could so enforce his will.

As Gary North noted: ‘What’s the fundamental fact of American history? Broken treaties.

But the combined desires of American Indians and White Europeans – and all the powerful men from all the races of the world – is unable to stop the laws of reality from grinding down the will of the Mighty.

Some practices bring life, health, prosperity, peace. Others bring poverty, war, disease, death.

That is reality.

The Christian faith received classic statement in John Dryden (1631–1700); in “A Song for St. Cecilia’s Day, 1687,” Dryden wrote in part:

“From harmony, from heavenly harmony,
This universal frame began:
From harmony to harmony,
Through all the compass of the notes it ran,
The diapason closing full in man.”

This once highly regarded poem is now less known; its premises run counter to the modern world and life view.

Man since Darwin has viewed life as conflict because of a radical and essential conflict of interests. Capital and labor are seen as necessary enemies; farm and city are held to have opposing interests; the generations are supposedly necessarily at war with each other; adolescence is seen as by nature a time of rebellion; races and nationalities are assumed to be natural enemies, and so on and on. Racism, a modern phenomenon, is a product of scientific theory, specifically of Darwinism. We have not mentioned another area of assumed conflict, the sexes; the “war of the sexes” is seen as inescapable.

The logic of Darwinism is a conflict society; the struggle to gain the advantage over others, to do in others before they do you in, it’s a dog-eat-dog world, and survival is the chief if not the only virtue. There can be no peace in a Darwinian culture, only perpetual warfare between various groups. The rhetoric of minority and majority groups today is the rhetoric of conflict. As a result, the more we “war for peace” in any area of life and thought, the deeper the conflict becomes.

Chalcedon Position Paper No. 135, May 1991
By R. J. Rushdoony

“…survival is the chief if not the only virtue.”

Rushdoony has some serious blind spots on race: but in the main, he saw what was in front of his nose.

It’s the difference between men who think that racial/genetic competition as a secondary issue compared to the will of God, and the Darwinist, who sees race/genetics as real and God’s will as unreal… and so, race/genetics becomes the only issue that matters.

The road to death.

We Christians will have to work out why a culture focused solely on survival and power, “gods we can see, lords we can touch” — like the local Dear Leader — hating every other law and limit, decided to promptly kill itself. Via war, via abortion, via sterility, via the lust for instant pleasure, regardless of the inevitable cost.

For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.

Matthew 16:25, English Standard Version

Back to Rushdoony (The bold for the words First, Second, and Third are mine!):

As Henry Van Til pointed out some years ago, culture is religion externalized. The culture of a conflict society sees only a deepening of its premise that conflict is basic to life and progress. The Dictionary of Sociology states in part: “Conflict arises out of the principle of limitation inherent in a finite universe. […]” The premises of this definition are, first, “the principle of limitation inherent in a finite universe.” Now, Christians believe in a finite universe even more than evolutionists, but they do not see finitude as requiring conflict. Because of God’s providence, there is no necessary conflict. Humanism, however, from Plato to the present, has insisted that the world is overpopulated. If other people are necessarily at war with you for the available resources, then conflict is necessary. If, however, the all-wise God has provided resources for all if men will work to develop them, harmony is then the key.

Chalcedon Position Paper No. 135, May 1991
By R. J. Rushdoony

Humanists always insist that too many of Them exist.

And something should be done about that.

Christians are to be wiser that that….

…especially as the definition of Them shifts:

  • from the racially inferior,
  • to enemy nations,
  • and enemy classes of the same race,
  • to too many of our own children exist, taking away our pleasure, time and happiness (!!)

Strange, how the poisonous serpent turns, to drive its fangs in its own eggs, and then its own flesh.

Second, this definition sees that a “necessary” conflict of interests “impels each party to seek to eliminate the other.” This gives us a world of total warfare, whereas in the Biblical view all peoples, tribes, tongues, and nations must be converted, made members of Jesus Christ, and brought into communion and community one with another. This is why creationism is so essential to world peace; evolution presupposes a cosmic mindlessness and perpetual conflict.

Third, this conflict is not only with other peoples, and hence racism, but also with inanimate objects, and hence the humanistic presupposition that man is at war with his environment. There is a necessary link in the minds of non-Christian environmentalists between population control and abortion on the one hand, and a pagan view of the environment on the other. The belief in the conflict of interests pits man against man, and man against things. Instead of an essential and metaphysical harmony of interests, this false faith insists on an essential conflict of interests.

There is a reason for this. If the God of Scripture is recognized as the Creator and governor of all things, then all of creation has a common origin, a common meaning, and a common purpose and goal. If God be denied, then there exists only a total warfare, a total struggle for survival and domination. The result is a chaos of conflict.

Chalcedon Position Paper No. 135, May 1991
By R. J. Rushdoony
(The bold is mine, not Rushdoony’s)

Endless war means endless costs, and endless loss, so some gaggle of aristocrats — secularist or sacred, grounded in science or religion, “ideological” or “pragmatic” — can get theirs, at the expense of everyone else.

Especially the people, population, nation, class, and race they so loudly claim to love and protect.

Christians are commanded to walk a better way.

“Politics fourth. At most.”

Life isn’t about controlling and dominating the Inferiors.

God has other plans, for you and for me.

In analyzing the idea of the conflict of interests, we have been dealing with one of the two basic concepts of our time. The other has its roots in modern philosophy, beginning with Descartes and culminating in Kant and Hegel, namely, the intellectual destruction of an objective world order and the substitution of man’s autonomous mind in its place. Hegel summed this up in the belief that the rational is the real. The loss of reality in our time has its origins in this insane idea. What the intellectual elite sees as rational is hence reality! Our modern planning is in terms of the ostensible reality of what the planners declare is rational.

The Word of God and His Holy Spirit has no place in such planning, and therefore freedom is sacrificed. God’s law-word stresses the self-government of the Christian man. The basic spheres of Scripture are man, the family, the church, the school, the vocations of man, the community, and then civil government, one form of government among many. God’s law is limited to some 600 ordinances, and many of these are only enforceable by God, not by man.

The doctrine of the Holy Spirit is the assurance of man’s freedom, because its necessary implication is that the basic motivation and determination of man comes from within, from the heart of man’s being. Pluralism apart from Christ leads only to conflict, whereas pluralism in Christ means that our essential government comes, not from self-interest and an ugly survival-of-the-fittest warfare, but from the peace of God through Christ’s atonement, God’s law-word, and the governance of the Holy Spirit. Freedom in a secular society is another name for unending conflict. Freedom in Christ means that we are governed not by self-interest but by the grace, law, and Spirit of the Living God.

Chalcedon Position Paper No. 135, May 1991
By R. J. Rushdoony

The day of peace and freedom is coming, despite all the lies and oppression and theft and murder of today’s fading Betters.

Christians are not to waste their time, struggling to get control of a dying World Order.

We have a better world to build.

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