“Deregulation caused it!”

From Tom Woods

As my regular listeners know, I do a lot more than COVID.

In 2019 my friend Jimmy Morrison and I hosted the New York City premiere of the documentary film The Bubble, about the 2008 financial crisis. On stage with us for commentary afterwards was an all-star panel of financial experts, including Jim Grant, Gene Epstein, and Peter Schiff, and hosted by Liz Claman of FOX Business.

Inspired by my 2009 bestseller Meltdown, Jimmy set out to make a documentary about the real causes of the 2008 disaster, a documentary that — unlike most commentary — would place the Federal Reserve System front and center as the culprit.

We have to push back against the predictable and foolish (“deregulation caused it!”) conventional wisdom if we’re going to have any hope of avoiding a repeat of that episode and its aftermath.

So Jimmy interviewed well-known investors like Jim Rogers and Doug Casey, experts on regulation like Peter Wallison, and economists like Joe Salerno and Bob Murphy.

Well, Facebook has decided that the film’s website violates its “Community Standards” — which evidently now involve not being critical of Ben Bernanke or Alan Greenspan. If you try to share LetUsDisagree.com on Facebook, the system will not let you.

As you can see by clicking on it, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that site.

Jimmy poured an immense amount of time and labor into this project, and now — for no obvious reason — a major channel of publicity has been closed to him.

It’s because of nonsense like this that I finally took my private group, the Tom Woods Show Elite, off Facebook.

I kept the group up on Facebook as an archive in case existing members want to look something up, but there haven’t been any new posts there since we made the transition.

And yet every once in a while, even now, I get a message from Facebook informing me that one of our posts has been taken down. Much of the time these days these are posts from five years ago. Pure insanity.

So far, so good over on MeWe, the new site of the Tom Woods Show Elite.

The normal people are regrouping.

You are a normal person.

Join our dying breed via this link:
Tom Woods

Apparently, you are not allowed to disagree on Facebook.
At least, when it comes to Big Money.

Unfortunately, I am confident that the claims of “deregulation caused it” will continue, until the Free Stuff dries up. Then, reality returns.

At a far higher cost than was necessary.

But we might as well push for the truth now, not unlike the prophets of old. The historical record matters, as does the truth.

And it is the old prophets who spoke the truth that are remembered, not the well-paid liars “who received their reward in this life.”

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