COIVD: Forbidden Sweden; ‘No Apologies, No Follow-up, No Regrets’; The Price of Victory

From an earlier Tom Woods letter:

Let’s begin with some news out of forbidden Sweden.

According to Reuters, “Sweden, which has shunned the strict lockdowns that have choked much of the global economy, emerged from 2020 with a smaller increase in its overall mortality rate than most European countries, an analysis of official data sources showed.”

The sources studied included 30 countries. Some 21 of them had higher excess-death percentages than Sweden.

And then we get this interesting final sentence: “Sweden’s official COVID-19 death toll is more than 13,000, although some people may have died from other causes than the disease.”

Wait, what’s that? Deaths attributed to COVID-19 may actually result from “other causes than the disease”? We’re allowed to say that now?

Now, to Arizona, where the governor is getting raked over the coals by local politicians and some doctors for lifting statewide COVID restrictions. You know everything they’re going to say, so I won’t bother repeating any of it.

These same people, as the heroic Ian Miller points out, repeatedly demanded interventions, never got them, the curve fell dramatically without them, and nobody ever followed up or apologized or wondered how that could have happened:
(Source: nytimes .com/interactive/2020/us/coronavirus-us-cases.html)

Also courtesy of Ian, Rhode Island won all kinds of praise for its draconian policies, but then no second thoughts or nuance or any kind when cases rose 2825% in four months:
(Source: nytimes .com/interactive/2020/us/coronavirus-us-cases.html)

And finally:

Not too long ago I wrote to you about the heroic Kathryn Huwig in Ohio, whose COVID analytics have been excellent from the very start.

I wrote to tell you about her appearance at the State House. In her testimony, she held up a chart of ICU bed usage in Ohio since March 2020.

The X-axis, indicating time, was omitted on purpose.

She noted that Ohio’s alleged “public health” authorities had picked out certain events and certain state policies as being significant with respect to COVID, either in terms of spread or mitigation.

All right, she said. If these things — like Thanksgiving and Christmas (which should have led to an explosion in COVID numbers, according to the “public health” establishment), or the implementation of the mask mandate and the curfew (which should have led to lower numbers) — really had such a significant effect that severe interventions into people’s lives were justified, we should surely be able to identify them on the graph even without the help of the dates.

So go ahead, she said. Show me on the graph where the curfew went into effect, the mask mandate was instituted, when businesses opened in the spring, etc.

And of course it’s impossible to find these events on the chart, because none of them appear to accomplish anything.

I decided: I have to get her on my show.

And I did it:
Well, I’m happy to say that Kathryn is now a member of the Tom Woods Show Elite!

It’s the place where your dreams of interacting with sane people come true.

Join us inside; entry is this way:
Tom Woods

I truly wish that it was America that stood tall, and threw aside all those worthless restrictions on movement and masks and all that superstitious nonsense.

Instead, it was secularist Sweden that stands as the gutsy outlier.

I remind myself, it is a sin to envy.

These same people, as the heroic Ian Miller points out, repeatedly demanded interventions, never got them, the curve fell dramatically without them, and nobody ever followed up or apologized or wondered how that could have happened:

I have a great loathing of Our Leaders.

Unfortunately, they are an accurate reflection of their people.

How many New Yorker progressives argue against the restrictions that hit the poor the most? Hammer home the murderous actions regarding the elderly in NY hospitals, and demand consequences?

If Christians want better leaders, we must demand them. And we must hold them accountable for their evil and their lies.

The problem is, the entire welfare-state is based on a Free Stuff lie that a massive percentage of Christians – rich and poor – support, each in their own way.

If American Christians truly hated abortion, that murderous wickedness would be over in less than a decade: regardless of any and all Supreme Court precedent. Even earlier, with sacrificial civil disobedience.

But God knows the different between lip service, and real sacrifice. One is dismissed out of hand (and may well count as a sin!), the other is rewarded with success.

Do you think that the enemy lets “legal precedent” and “proper procedure” and “public opinion” stand in their way?

But they are willing to work, and sacrifice, and think things out, and face whatever social consequences there are, to get what they want.

They are serious about obeying their lord and master.

When will we be?

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