COVID: 1) Worthless Masks 2) Slowly, Sanity Returns

After a brief digression to Mises: a digression I’ll keep here in respect for the man.

Mises did some serious muscle work for the cause of liberty and freedom!

Again, from Tom Woods:

Before I get into today’s issue, a note for the youngsters:

The most formative intellectual event of my life was Mises University, the Mises Institute’s week-long summer instructional program for college students that trains them in the Austrian School of Economics. This is the school (of thought; it’s not a literal school, of course) that includes such free-market heroes as Nobel Prize winner F.A. Hayek, Ludwig von Mises, and Murray Rothbard.

You will have the time of your life at this thing. You won’t believe how much you’ll learn, and you’ll meet lots of like-minded people your age.

As long as you can get yourself there transportation-wise, attendance costs nothing; the cost is covered by donors.

Here’s the link to apply:

I don’t know how many youngsters read this blog: but if you’re out there, you’ve got an opportunity to do a bit of networking, position yourself to be a leader, pushing this culture from death and poverty, to life and prosperity.

But, to continue with the letter… and hte ebbing of COVID nonsense:

Now, on to business:

You’d think Phil Murphy, governor of New Jersey — which has the worst COVID death rate of any American state — would have the decency to keep his mouth shut on the subject.

Well, you’d be wrong.

When asked about Texas’ decision to repeal its statewide mask mandate, Murphy replied that he was “stunned” and that he “couldn’t conceive of lifting a mask mandate inside.”

How about we see how both states are doing?

(Source: nytimes .com/interactive/2020/us/coronavirus-us-cases.html)

Well, how about that.

California, meanwhile, has seen its numbers come way down from their peak. They are of course pretending that their lockdown did the trick. The problem is this: Nevada didn’t lock down as much and Arizona locked down even less, and yet:

(Source: nytimes .com/interactive/2020/us/coronavirus-us-cases.html)

On January 20, Germany mandated medical-grade masks. That must have done it, right?

Well, as it turns out, Angela Merkel recently sought an even more barbaric lockdown, even after instituting that mandate, although thankfully she had to back down. I wonder why those medical masks didn’t solve the problem:

(Source: World Health Organization)

Today on Twitter a notorious Doomer cited east/southeast Asia’s numbers as evidence that the public-health recommendations work (but of course those countries tried all different approaches and every one worked fine, so just maybe there’s something else going on here?).

Cambodia has not had a single death. Is that because of Cambodia’s state-of-the-art public-health establishment? Cambodia was number 83 among countries in terms of pandemic preparedness.

I did see this headline, from Reuters: “Cambodian Villagers Trust Magic Scarecrows to Ward Off Coronavirus.”

(Don’t knock it: it’s much cheaper than anything Fauci has recommended, and it seems to have worked for Cambodia.)

Overall, I do think the tide is at last turning in our direction.

But you’re still surrounded by crazy people.

Come find refuge in the Tom Woods Show Elite, my reality-based community:

Tom Woods

The Christian God should have gotten the glory, not some scarecrows.

But God’s people won’t listen to God: they won’t follow His lead, or demand actual proof before going on some fear-fueled costly control spree, tossing 50 years of science because

  • some liar at Imperial College in London, and his computer model that howled about a 20% death rate
  • the Chinese pushed out faked-up videos about people dropping dead in the street because of the coronavirus
  • a whole pile of power- and money-grabbing, among Our Betters and their wealthy friends, all to be paid for by the Inferiors via hysterical media screeching.

Even worse, Christians totally threw aside the Law of God(as given to Moses), which is all about restricting and quarantining the infected and the ill… instead of punishing the healthy and the public.

But Christians have hated God’s Law for a long, long time now.

As the laughable and pathetic state of the church makes obvious.

So, just as some fake-god, totalitarian Roman Emperor was able to smash the Temple at Jerusalem, so the faith of the Cambodians in some straw idols humiliates the o-the-ground spiritual power of Christian churches.

God rewards obedience… and punished disobedience

New wine demands new wineskins.

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