COVID Mania, and the Power of Decentralization

The following quote is extracted from Gary North’s Codevilla Calls for an Exodus.

—<Quote begins>—

States whose governors defied Fauci’s policies are now winners. Their states did not experience more COVID-19 deaths per 100,000. Deaths are declining across the board.

Codevilla Calls for an Exodus

Codevilla says the ruling class can be defeated by governors who refuse to cooperate.

Important as spontaneity is, the substantive and exemplary importance of what elected governors and legislatures can do is even greater. Because Govs. DeSantis of Florida, Noem of South Dakota, Kemp of Georgia, Abbott of Texas (to a lesser extent), and others defied the directives first of the Trump, then of the Biden administration regarding COVID restrictions, their states compiled an incontrovertible record that proves how intellectually wrong, substantively disastrous, and politically malevolent those directives were and are. This is a touchstone for impeaching the oligarchy’s legitimacy on other matters as well, and proof—if any further be needed—that for good and ill in the 21st century, the 50 states need not fear to do pretty much as they please. Nullification has been a fact of U.S public life since Colorado and California rewrote drug laws. There is no reason why it should or can stop there.

Here is the key word: nullification. The Federal government cannot enforce its rules in states where governors resist.

I call this functional secession.

—<Quote ends>—

The Unified Order of the Consensus breaks apart.

Of course, it didn’t have to be that way.

But then again, the American Ruling Class didn’t have to nurture and strengthen and manifest its hatred of the Inferiors.

Who knows: the Masters could have been merely more wealthier and charismatic members of the Inferiors…

….or at least benevolent aliens, happy to let the Inferiors rule themselves so long as the tax flow is regular…

….instead of so many hostile aliens with an intense, malicious hatred of the Lesser Breeds.

Maybe next time, after the current Unified Order is bankrupted, shattered, and blown away like so much dust.

The Great Default, when the carrots are no longer tossed to the commoner dogs, is coming.

Build your network, help your neighbors, give a hand to the local poor, support your county and town and local church and businesses.

Get ready.

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