Dinosaur DNA

From Dinosaur DNA Provokes Disbelief by David F. Coppedge

—<Quote begins>—

Evolutionists are experiencing cognitive dissonance about claims of dinosaur DNA.

“The trouble with dinosaur bones,” writes Jacinda Bowler in Science Alert, is that some of them appear to contain DNA, which is impossible in the consensus evolutionary timescale. DNA degrades too fast for any to remain for a million years, let alone tens of millions. Dinosaurs are thought to have gone extinct 66 million years ago.

There’s just one problem – trapped in amber or not, DNA doesn’t like to stick around. Even in the best conditions, scientists estimate that readable DNA completely degrades in 1.5 million years, tops.

—<Quote ends>—

and the author’s comment: “Secularists feel that the Biblical time frame is too short to fit all the geological and paleontological observations. Actually, the shoe is on the other foot. Millions of years is too long a time to fit all the evidences of youth.”

The cognitive dissonance will last for as long as the older generation of Darwinians hold on to their positions.

The younger researchers are as anti-Christian as ever, but no longer finds Darwin — or straight-up materialist atheism — attractive. I suspect that they lean more Buddhist-lite than anything else.

The findings they discover will tend to reflect what they are looking for.

It will be a good day, when Christians get over their fear of the outer world, and start uncovering the rules of life a benevolent God organized around them. The Buddhists are not as utterly contemptuous of observed reality as Atheists increasingly are…

(relentlessly driving down to the implications of their deep hatred of a Higher Law: the Kantian end-point of My Mind Determines What is Real)

….but you aren’t going to get many discoveries from a closed-circle, zero-progress, escape-reality frame of mind.

Wealth — intellectual and innovative wealth, as well as gold and silver, large families and good health — comes from the Lord, and obedience to His Laws.

This is generally true for people in this life, and predictably true for godly societies and for repentant individuals in the afterlife.

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