Incorrect Homosexuality, Ignored Shooter Motivations

From GetReligion: Ex-gay Catholic, Muslim shooter, Orthodox Jewish writer: They just don’t fit the narrative?

An infamous gay personality known for his controversial comments about pedophilia has had a 180-degree conversion, given up homosexual sex, defends the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and has consecrated himself to St. Joseph.

Not a joke. The news broke about a month ago. Not read about it? Well, the story is out there, but mostly conservative sites are reporting on it.

Why is this?

Well, it all has to do with narrative.


This guy is a walking quote machine and would definitely get any publication tons of clicks. Yet, the MSM is pretending this click-friendly conversion didn’t happen. Why?

It’s about what fits the narrative. And gay activists defending reparative or “conversion” therapy — even for adults who choose it — does not fit that bill. If you wonder why so many people despise the media, look no further than this.

Let’s switch to a very different topic, but linked by this “narrative” theme.

Sticking to a news narrative is what made journalists obsess on the Atlanta shooter being a white evangelical male, while coverage of the Boulder shooting has avoided the fact that the shooter, a Muslim, attacked a grocery store that advertised itself as kosher-friendly.

White evangelicals are a popular whipping boy. A Muslim, who was obsessed with Islamophobia, at a grocery store –- not so much.

Don’t believe me? Read this New York Times story about the shooting. It openly wonders what the shooter’s motive was. Hmmm. He drove 21 miles (from Arvada to Boulder) past other grocery stories to hit one that promotes itself for stocking kosher groceries in the week before Passover.

I’ll agree that the anti-Semitic angle isn’t 100% clear, as noted in this Christianity Daily post, but neither was the anti-Asian angle of the Atlanta attacks. But reporters jumped on the racial and religious motivations for those shootings right away.

Narrative came into play again a few weeks ago during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings about the Equality Act.

Little -– if anything -– was said about one of the opponents, Wall Street Journal writer Abigail Shrier being an Orthodox Jew. It would’ve been nice if some mention of her faith was made, in that opponents of the Act are often portrayed as conservative Christians.

Shrier’s presence at the hearing, in fact, was overshadowed by a perky 16-year-old transgender girl from my own state who charmed everyone, including the journalists for whom this teenager did fit the narrative of healthy, happy transgender youth. That is the same narrative in this Tacoma News Tribune story, which has more details about Stella Keating, who transitioned at age nine.

The other side of the transgender issue, represented by Shrier, was not addressed.

Our Betters have no interest in communication & the media, except for one-way transmitting of their ideas and their conversations: to explain why they are better than the Inferiors, and in telling stories that show that they are better than Them.

They don’t mind making up certain bits either.

Or forgetting to talk about certain bits.

“It’s all about the Narrative.”

Not the truth… a concept that Our Betters would smirk at.

Certainly not information that would challenge the Official Ideology — increasingly, the Official State Ideology — of the West.

Just whatever makes them looks good, and get them more power, over the Inferiors.

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