There is a simple test that every parent should require every college or university to pass before being put on the list of eligible institutions the parents are willing to pay for. Does the campus segregate living quarters for male students and female students? I do not mean special sections on campus. I mean for all resident students.

Any campus that does not segregate the living quarters of the male and female students should not be considered for a moment by any parent for any reason . . . ever.

It is always better to send your child to a commuter campus that has no dormitories then it is to send your child to a campus that does not segregate the living quarters of every student who lives on campus.

The humanists and leftists with Ph.D. degrees who decided to debauch American higher education, thereby undermining parental moral guidelines, decided in the late 1960s to mix dorm halls. Males and females lived on the same hall. That was the test. If they could get away with this, then the taxpayers were impotent. Let me tell you, the students were not impotent.

They got away with it.

The Best Test of Where Not to Send a Child to College
Gary North

The taxpayers remain impotent, and quite willfully so.

This definitely includes Christian parents, subsidizing the hook-up culture in Christian universities.

My bet? The baptized fornication games will continue until there are no more educational subsidies.

And even after the Great Default, even after the free money is gone, the upper classes will still be 100% co-ed.

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