First Us. Then Them.

Because man is hostile toward God’s law, civil rulers have taken it upon themselves to usurp His authority and prevent people from trading freely through the use of protective tariffs as well as other means. The curses of preventing free trade are easily observable. Protectionism creates an inefficient economy by raising prices and cutting off cheap resources offered over seas. Businesses who produce with these resources are hurt as well as the poor who rely on low prices. Protectionism is destructive and adds to the problem of scarcity.

Ending the trade war and protectionism overnight is not within the church’s immediate power, however, renewing our own minds to think the way God does about trade is. We can’t expect the world to submit to the rule of Christ unless we do in our hearts and minds first. Then, as we preach the gospel, can we clearly teach the nations to observe all Christ has commanded, even in the realm of international trade.

Free Trade, Protection, and God’s Law by Ben Moore

Christians must lead the way to a better world.

No one else is going to.

And the way Christians are to do so is by obedience to God’s Law-Word, and solid, reliable, high-quality service to God and man.

Who else is going to walk that road to liberty, prosperity and life?

Plenty of people walk the road to slavery, poverty and death.
No need for more shameful journeys on that road.

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