“Humans are just animals…”

“… and are as disposable, and share the same intrinsic value, as any other animal.”

For some reason, materialists never get to the second part.
But that’s the important part, of course: the purpose of the first claim.

Oddly, they never actually make clear why Proper Authority — “a bunch of lawless, socially powerful animals”, as Our Betters never ever say — has the right to utilize and dispose of the lesser two-legged animals just as they please, “for the good of all”.

“For the good of all” means “For the good of all of us, the Better People.”

It certainly doesn’t mean “For the good of the Inferior Two-Legged Animals.”

To expand on the idea, I turn to David F. Coppedge’s Classic Half-Truth: Humans Are Mere Animals. Among other insights, he quotes Melanie Challenger’s new book How to Be an Animal, where she states:

We urgently need to get a handle on what it means to be an animal and move beyond outworn dualism. It’s not just that we’re animals: embodied, physical experiences are richer and more meaningful than we’ve recognized. If that means we need to rethink our relationship to other animals, so be it.

“Who is we?”
“The Right Sort, of course. The People with the Power.”

“What does it mean to be an animal?”
“It means dehumanization: the stripping of all claims, and all the implications of the claims, that humans are fundamentally different from the other animals.”

“Does this stripping of authority, dignity, and power apply to the State, the Leader, the Military, the Bureaucrats, and the Secularistic/Atheistic philosophers: a.k.a. the new, improve State-backed Priesthood?”
“No, it doesn’t.”
“Why not?”
“The intent of materialistic atheism is the centralization of total power in the hands of Our Betters, and not the destruction of the power structure per se.”

Returning to Coppedge’s article:

On this Easter weekend, many remember the promises of Jesus Christ to give everlasting life to those who trust Him. Ms Challenger challenges them to focus on their flesh, their bodily urges and instincts – the very things that Christ and the apostles warned about. She tempts them to forget their souls, which are mythical entities to be subsumed within materialism. Her savior, obviously, is Charles Darwin: “These days, humans are agents of evolution with far greater powers than sexual selection or selective breeding,” she says; in another place, “Our conscious encounter with the world is a breathtaking fact of how life can evolve.”

If Christians weren’t so weak, so faithless, and so quick to crawl in the name of some leeks and onions from the Egyptian-style Total State, such women – and the men they follow – would be brushed off like so much dust. Fleshy thinkers aren’t going to hold on to a vision of the future, to liberty and aspirations. They have no idea of “better” or “worse”, “law” and “truth”, only “who does what to whom.”

Their natural, fleshy instincts? Kill the future, burn off all wealth for immediate pleasure, forget about the meaningless future. Get power over your enemies, today, and use it to the max, today.

What faithless failures.
But all our Christian Leadership can think of is to cringe in fear before these futureless piles of talking dust.

“But they have power today!
They control the media today!
They dominate the courts today!
They control the high places today!”

So what?

Their power, respect, authority, and legitimacy is rotting away as we speak.
And when the welfare state dies, the vast bulk of their power dies with it.

We must aim to shape, give birth (often literally!), bring forth the future.
And it is future-oriented, productive, law-and-liberty, innately fertile Christianity….

(not past-oriented, consumption-minded, power-and-control, innately sterile Atheism)

…that is the only hope for actual growth and progress for the future.

Coppedge continues:

How can Christians challenge Ms Challenger and defend human exceptionalism? One apologist might list all the things that humans can do that animals cannot do. […] Each side stacks evidence in their favor: the theist evidences of human exceptionalism, the atheist evidences of similarities. A better way to defeat materialists is very simple. This method turns off their microphone, stops them before they start, and cuts the floor out from under them. It leaves them speechless, hooting like monkeys in the trees.

I dislike wasting time.

I like radical solutions, striking at the core.

Placing the Axe at the Root, if you will.

Just ask her, “Ms Challenger, do you believe that your view of human nature is true?” She’s trapped before she can get one word out her mouth. Of course she will start to say, “Yes, I believe what I have written; why else would I write about it?” She is not going to state, “No, I don’t think it is true,” obviously. Here’s why she is stuck. She made propositions. Propositions are not made of atoms or forces; they are concepts in the realm of ideas. They are statements that the proposer believes are true or could be proved to be true. We are not asking her if she believes she has the ultimate right answer about the philosophy of human nature, but whether she believes that her idea is correct; that’s all. Notice that her belief implies the permanence of truth: i.e., its eternality. If truth evolves (for instance, if it is true in our culture but not in other cultures or time periods), then an obvious response is that we don’t have to listen to anything she has to say. What she thinks is true today could be false in another tribe or at another time.

“Everyone’s an animal, but some animals are better than others.”
“Because the animals with power say that the animals with power should have power over the Inferiors. That’s why.”

The words of a Darwinian are geared to dehumanize and destroy not All humans… just the Wrong Sort, without the Proper Credentials and the Media & Academic Backing to justify one pack of animals ruling another pack.

As for Christians, who are not interested in dehumanizing their enemies (the better to lawlessly grind your heel in their faces): Why crawl before your Betters, who have one law for themselves, and another for the Inferiors?

It’s not as if these aging and sterile delusionals have any serious hope in the future. They merely have a greater faith in Political Power and Media Control at this moment, than Western Christians have in Jesus and His Law-Word in the Bible for all of time (and beyond): pre-Creation, past, present, future, and the New Creation era.

A follow-up question is similar: “Do you believe that it is good to say things that are true?” This now gets into morality, another immaterial, timeless necessity that cannot evolve. Obviously she is not going to answer in the negative, but how can a materialist give an affirmative answer to the question? It presupposes a standard of morality, like the 9th Commandment, “Thou shalt not bear false witness.” If she doesn’t believe that commandment, or thinks that it evolves, then her listeners have every right to conclude that she is a liar and deceiver, not worthy of a moment of their attention. These two questions, if publicized, might make her book sales plummet. That would make her very angry, to which a clever interlocutor might quip, “What’s the matter? Don’t you believe in survival of the fittest? Too bad you lost in the fitness game.” This Challenger accident has blown up her mission.

Wouldn’t be great, if Christians actually did have faith in the power of the Truth?

And actually acted out this faith, in time and on earth?

In the One who said “I am the way and the truth and the life.”

But I can hear the fearful, terrified cries of the Western believer:

“Who cares about the future! They have power Right Now! We can’t fight them! We might get hurt!”

My response?

First, you become a loser in the spirit. Then, you become a loser in the flesh.

For details, look around you.

The point of this approach is that any sincerely-stated assertion presupposes eternal truth and morality. The point is not that human beings always reach those ideals, but that those ideals must be acknowledged before any rational discussion can begin. […] Acknowledgement of non-evolving, objective truth and morality are preconditions for intelligibility, as the late philosopher of science Dr Greg Bahnsen taught. If someone doesn’t believe in truth, and doesn’t believe that it is good to seek the truth, they have nothing to say. They have shot out their feet from under them. They might as well be howling in the trees like the animals they believe they are. Said another way, human exceptionalism is the ground of any rational conversation.

Those who despise the Father and the Son are in the grip of irrational ignorance and willful blindness.

There may be times when such deceived people can be led out of such deeply satisfying illusions.

But for many, that comfy grave is exactly where they wish to be.

“The perfect escape from such diseased concepts as a One Right Way, Objective Truth, and Eternal Life… which means Unending Responsibility and Consequences.”

We should not join them in their dark, sterile, futile pit.

Christ points to a better way: a way that has nothing to do with dehumanization and a contemptuous, reductionist approach to your fellow man, friend or foe.

Christ’s way also has nothing to do with half-truths (a.k.a. complete lies).

Follow Him.

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