The God Hypothesis

Assorted extracts from The God Hypothesis Versus Atheist Science Denial by Michael Egnor

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My friend and colleague Stephen Meyer has a superb essay at The Federalist about the major scientific discoveries in the past century that clearly point to God. Dr. Meyer points out that a large percentage of young atheists today cite science as a reason for their disbelief in God, and that is because many atheist scientists have publicly misused modern scientific findings to discredit belief in God. The public square is replete with books and articles written by atheist scientists claiming that cosmology or genetics or evolution properly understood disproves the existence of God. These atheist scientists profoundly misunderstand the implications of their science; they couldn’t be more wrong. As in his new book, Return of the God Hypothesis, Dr. Meyer points to three particularly clear advances in modern science.

The Big Bang

The first is the discovery of the Big Bang, which was predicted by Einstein’s equations of gravitation and subsequently confirmed by the Belgian priest and physicist Georges Lemaître and Mount Wilson Observatory astronomer Edwin Hubble and many physicists and astronomers who worked with them. The existence of a moment of beginning of our universe in an almost incomprehensibly massive burst of light and energy is astonishingly consistent with beliefs about the creation of the universe from the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic traditions. As physicist and Nobel laureate Arno Penzias, who provided what many believe is the conclusive evidence for the Big Bang, observed 

the best data we have [concerning a beginning] are exactly what I would’ve predicted, had I nothing to go on but the first five books of Moses, the Psalms, the Bible as a whole.


Cosmic Fine-Tuning

Dr. Meyer also discusses the remarkable fine-tuning of the physical constants in the universe that is necessary for the existence of life. If any of these physical values were even slightly different, mankind would not have appeared. It is as if Someone were expecting us and rigged the physics of the universe to make sure we were created.


Biological Information

The third scientific discovery of the past century that unequivocally points to God is the discovery of the enormous information encoded in DNA. The genetic code is quite analogous to a computer code and even to a language — it has punctuation, for example. It is a blueprint for life, and every blueprint presupposes a designer. 

To understand the stranglehold that blind recalcitrant atheism has on many modern scientists, consider that with the discovery of the genetic code in DNA scientists didn’t immediately acknowledge the evidence for intelligent design. In any other scientific discovery — in the discovery of artifacts in space or meaningful linguistic signals or codes from other galaxies — the inference to design would be immediately acknowledged and universally accepted.


Science is replete with evidence for God, and scientific discovery in the 20th century in particular was a milestone in the long history of the accumulation of evidence for a creator. It is a scandal that atheism has such an emotional and intellectual hold on so many scientists that it corrupts their science and leads them to deny what is obvious to any objective scientist.

—<Quote ends>—

I assume that Our Betters won’t bother with debates and arguments anymore, and just move on straight to censorship and punishment.

No matter.

We Christians will still need to sort out what is true, and what is false, based on the facts – and not from the pronouncements of Accredited Professionals and Responsible Authorities. So, we will need to retain (and improve on!) logic, argument, and debate.

Experimental research will still be required, and integrity will still be demanded by God – and so, we must still demand it of each other, as small-scale, limited, flawed, but still notable representatives of the Kingdom of God.

There will come a time when the shrinking budgets and collapsing legitimacy of Our Betters will lead them to cocoon themselves in strongholds, with tall walls and mighty impregnable gates – you know, the kind of gates Jesus spoke about in Matthew 16:18.

But while they hide in frozen, unchanging shelters, we need to learn from the new environment, a world without a God-State with it’s endless fiat money and visions of total power. We need to see what is in front of our nose, and work with the world as it is, slowly reshaping it into the world as it should be.

To gain dominion over the outer world, we must actually listen to it, learn from it, understand what it really is.

That means ignoring the example of the atheists, and recognizing that we live in a lawful, rules-based, intelligently designed universe that rewards societies that fear and obey God, and honour and respect the lives, property, and liberty of our fellow man: male and female, young and old, healthy and crippled, believer and unbeliever, local and stranger.


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