Busing for Languages, Busing for Race


N.B. education minister angry after learning French and English students have been sharing a school bus

I know, I know:


Like Christians sharing a bus with Muslims, or Blacks sharing a bus with Whites.

It’s not so much the discrimination per se that bothers me: people should be free to include – or exclude – whoever they wish, on their own property. “My stuff, my rules.”

What annoys is the use of public funds to push a particular agenda that is desired by the local version of The Right Sort. People need to stop sticking their hands into their neighbours pocket in the name of whatever pious cause – supernatural or not – that Our Betters desire to push.

“Educate your own children, with your own beliefs – religious, racial, political, linguistic – on your own dime.”

Also: Canada is a fairly typical progressive society, with the usual shibboleths on race and sex that proves their superiority over the Inferiors. No discrimination allowed!

Except when it touches on something Our People value, of course.


Pagans don’t actually believe that Christian talk about “one law for all.”

Despite that opposition, Christians would be very wise to stick with the Commandments that God handed down to Moses, and whenever possible avoid the self-serving, highly selective ‘justice’ of the secularists.

When Christians get serious about extending God’s Justice into the public sphere — starting with the personal, and extending to the family, from the church to the business, and (after we have earned our stripes) from the county courts to the statehouses and local capitals — then we can start to see actual, predictable law; actual, equitable justice; and actual, far-ranging liberty.

It’s a long walk, from here to there. No less than 40 years, and more likely four generations.

We might as well get started now.

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