COVID: Homeschooling Doubles

I tend to be quite unhappy over most of the unnecessary lock-downs in the world.

But, one unnecessary lockdown cheers me up immensely: the school closings, which has opened the door to homeschooling in places where it never opened before.

I recommend that my readers check out Homeschooling doubled from pandemic’s start to last fall (AP) Lots of good stuff here, from the expansion of homeschooling in Massachusetts (!!) to it’s sharp growth among Black Americans, who are – at long last! – moving to take control of their children’s education from the uncaring – yet richly-rewarded – incompetents.

Grudgingly, I am forced to admit that the benefits of the lockdowns now outweigh the costs. And this is even more so when you consider how the costly and deeply unscientific lockdowns have pushed the welfare states of Europe (and elsewhere) a good bit closer to the brink of bankruptcy.

God knows what He is doing.

It just so happens that the plans of the ethics-free power-seekers can be made to work for His Kingdom.

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