American Pravda: Covid-19 and Ron Unz

A good recent article from North reminded me to check up on Ron Unz and his theory of an American source for the COVID-19 disease. (Original article here, follow-up here.)

I don’t trust the raw numbers of the sick/dead — there is too much of a bureaucratic incentive to inflate them — but I do agree that the disease is real, and that it hurts the old and the sick.

I am very, very confident that the economic devastation of the disease has almost nothing to do with the actual harm of the disease itself, and everything to do with the (ineffective, and scientifically novel/untested/experimental) lockdowns and restrictions, as actual comparisons of different US state approaches will demonstrate.

(Also, compare the financial and demographic impact of COVID-19 of today, and the Spanish Flu of yesteryear.)

So, I am entirely opposed to Unz’ recommended approach to the disease.

All that being true, I am still interested in his theory that the US created the disease, and then released it in China. Merely because a man is wrong at one point, does not mean that he is wrong on another subject if the evidence supports him.

You should read both articles (first, second) to review the evidence yourself. This is something that Google and Facebook are strongly opposed to… which is a great incentive for you to do exactly that.


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