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What were some things that Europe did better than other civilizations during the Middle Ages?

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Luka Trkanjec, Philosoraptor & Polymath

Shown interest in those other civilizations, I’d say. Medieval Europeans were curious and fascinated about foreign cultures and peoples to a degree that modern historiography makes it difficult to fathom, let alone appreciate.

As popular opinion would still have it, medieval Europe was a godforsaken shithole that was lucky if got bare scraps from other, more ancient and more wholesome civilizations. But the other end of that cultural cross-pollination is almost never considered: namely, that medieval Europeans went out of their way to seek information and interaction with those other civilizations, whose attitude to anything outside their borders often resembled that old Bosnian joke:

“What’s worse, ignorance or indifference?”

“I don’t know, and I don’t care!”

^ Polo brothers at the court of Kublai-Khan, from 15th century French manuscript of Marco Polo’s Il Milione.

Take, for instance, the relationship between Christian Europe and the Islamic Near East in medieval times. The common wisdom is that the former owed a lot to later, in particular to all those advances in STEM brought about by the proverbial Islamic Golden Age. While there certainly is truth to that, hardly anyone even asks was there something that Islamic world could pick up from medieval Christendom, and more importantly, did it? A comprehensive list of Islamic contributions to Medieval Europe

could easily fill a book-length study, while the very notion of “Medieval European contribution to Islam” seems like an outright oxymoron. But learned Muslim authors of that Golden Age did write travelogues and accounts of various European nations such as Franks, Slavs and Byzantines, describing their strange ways and curious legends, their mighty kingdoms and wondrous cities, or even their impressive knowledge and great wealth. Yet hardly anyone of their Muslim readers cared to pick up on those trails, and explore them further!

In the army of King Fulk [of Jerusalem, the crusader kingdom], son of Fulk, was a Frankish reverend knight who had just arrived from their land in order to make the holy pilgrimage and then return home. He was of my intimate fellowship and kept such constant company with me that he began to call me “my brother.” Between us were mutual bonds of amity and friendship. When he resolved to return by sea to his homeland, he said to me:

“My brother, I am leaving for my country and I want you to send with me thy son (my son, who was then fourteen years old, was at that time in my company) to our country, where he can see the knights and learn wisdom and chivalry. When he returns, he will be like a wise man.”

Thus there fell upon my ears words which would never come out of the head of a sensible man; for even if my son were to be taken captive, his captivity could not bring him a worse misfortune than carrying him into the lands of the Franks.

  • Usmah Ibn Munqidh (1095-1188), Autobiography – excerpts on the Franks [1]

^ Saladin retaking Jerusalem in 1187. The Frankish crusaders whom this sultan defeated in their own holy war, then went on to immortalize him as an example of knightly virtue and just rulership.

The medieval Europeans, on the other hand, were continually sending embassies, missions, pilgrimages, merchant expeditions and outright wars into Islamic world, voraciously reading and translating whatever Arabic texts they could get their hands on, and even glorifying various figures of Muslim history – such as Harun-al-Rashid, Saladdin, Avicenna, Alhazan, Averroes, to name but few – as “noble heathens” whose wisdom and virtues Christians would do well to emulate. In short, medieval Europe was both showing interest and making use of Islamic civilization, that Islam in turn never reciprocated.

^ 12th century description and a map of the known world, made by the Muslim geographer Al-Idrisi, under the patronage of the Christian king of Sicily Roger II. Contemporary Islamic rulers, apparently, weren’t that interested in all the knowledge their own scholars and explorers had accumulated.

And things look even bleaker if you compare Europe to China, whose reactions to anything foreign or exotic throughout the ages have run from apathetic “Meh!” at best, to frantic “Exterminate! Exterminate!” at worst. The dismal attitude that Chinese literati displayed to anything beyond their borders is perhaps best illustrated by Han dynasty historian Sima Qian, the proverbial “Chinese Herodotus”, who described various Central Asian kingdoms along 1st century BC Silk Road thusly:

Dayuan lies south-west of the territory of the Xiongnu, some 10,000 li (5,000 kilometres) directly west of China. The people are settled on the land, ploughing the fields and growing rice and wheat. They also make wine out of grapes. The people live in houses in fortified cities, there being some seventy or more cities of various sizes in the region…

Daxia is situated over 2,000 li (1,000 kilometres) south-west of Dayuan, south of the Gui river. Its people cultivate the land, and have cities and houses. Their customs are like those of Dayuan. It has no great ruler but only a number of petty chiefs ruling the various cities…

Shendu, they told me, lies several thousand li south-east of Daxia. The people cultivate the land and live much like the people of Daxia… [2]

Thrilling! I grant that something of the original enthusiasm might have been lost in translation; but then again, look how a translation from a medieval European historian – the 9th-century Byzantine chronicler, Theophanes the Confessor – reads when he describes Central Asia from the other end of the Silk Road:

A certain Persian exhibited in Byzantium the mode in which silk worms are hatched, a thing which the Romans had never known before. This Persian on coming away from the country of the Seres [i.e. China] had taken with him the eggs of these worms concealed in a walking-stick, and succeeded in bringing them safely to Byzantium. … Afterwards, when the Emperor Justinian showed the Turks the manner in which the worms were hatched, and the silk which they produced, he astonished them greatly. For at that time the Turks were in possession of the marts and ports frequented by the Seres, which had been formerly in the possession of the Persians. For when Epthalanus King of the Ephthalites (from whom indeed the race derived that name) conquered Perozes and the Persians, these latter were deprived of those places, and the Ephthalites became possessed of them. But somewhat later the Turks again conquered the Ephthalites and took the places from them in turn.[3]

Reading this, one may well again say that Europe owes a lot to China, including some of its most iconic inventions: silk, paper, compass, gunpowder and printing press. And there is certainly truth in that, but again, the other side of that story is that medieval Europeans actively sought faraway and unknown lands, to discover what kinds of cool stuff did those have. In the Byzantine tale above, what’s most interesting is what’s left unsaid: that neither the Turks, nor Ephthalites, nor even the Persians before them were very much interested in secrets of silk-making, even if they all lived off the silk trade. It was only the Byzantines who, from the other end of the world, went on to inquire and gather intelligence about what this stuff is and how you make it.

((And yes, I think it should go without saying that Byzantium was an integral part of medieval Europe, indeed a prototype for much of its later civilization!))

^ Venetian and Genoese merchants traveling across Asia, from14th century Catalan Atlas.

The Chinese, on the other hand, could hardly care less even when European culture and learning practically waltzed onto their doorsteps. None of the considerable numbers of medieval European travelers, merchants, missionaries and ambassadors who visited China during the Yuan dynasty left so much as a blip on the radar in Chinese culture or history. Likewise, when Mongol emperors sent China’s own, native Nestorian Christians as ambassadors to Europe – such as Rabban Bar Sauma or his predecessor Isa Kelemechi

– their travelogues and accounts of western lands hardly resulted in a single fuck being given back at home.

Furthermore, when in the late Ming dynasty, at the end of 16th century, Jesuit missionaries came to China,

they brought with them the full knowledge of the European Renaissance, and painstakingly worked to translate it all into Chinese. Their goal was to win converts among Chinese Confucian elites by teaching them about European advances in mathematics, astronomy, geography, medicine, engineering and even visual arts; and for that reason, they also went to great lengths to accommodate Christianity with traditional Confucian teachings and rites.

^ Chinese world map, made in 1602 by Jesuits and their collaborators at the Ming court, with all the new lands European explorers discovered by 17th century.

Chinese reaction? At first bewildered amusement, and later open persecution, resulting in Qing dynasty banning Jesuit missions altogether in early 18th century, and effectively isolating the country from the West. Most of the European science and technology Jesuits tried to import into China was effectively forgotten, only to be reintroduced again in early 19th century, but this time by British gunboats.

Presently the people have cleansed their doors [of Christian symbols]. They will not follow heterodox teachings again, and their restoration [to orthodoxy] is truly something to be glad about. Also, the gentry in Nanjing truly realizes that nobody can trust the crafty barbarians. Therefore, your servant may now speak clearly and fully of what concerns him. His only concern is that those who are far [removed from Nanjing] (i.e. living in Beijing) will not understand the actual situation and will continue to be deceived by the trivial learning [of Westerners] in Mathematics (shushu zhi xiaozhi). Furthermore, Diego de Pantoja and Sabatino de Ursis have been in Beijing for a long time. Their propaganda quickly spreads into the country; the rumors they spread are clever; for a long time they have taken their liberties, and their contacts are many. These are aspects of the case which inevitably must cause concern.

  • Shen He (d. 1624), vice-minister of Nanking, in his 1616 missive to Ming court [4]

^ Europe, on the other hand, made great use of almost 150 years of Jesuit missions in China, to learn whatever it could about Chinese writing, language, philosophy, history and geography.

I could go on, but I think I’ve made my point. And my point isn’t of course to belittle non-European civilizations, nor to particularly exalt the European one. My point is that curiosity and open-mindedness are inherently positive traits, which can only benefit societies that nurture them in the long run. And since medieval Europe was built on the idea of “Ex oriente lux” – that its culture and wisdom originated from the mystical Orient – it was much more inclined to look beyond its borders, and not retreat into itself, when seeking inspiration and guidance. This ties well into my old answer on the mercurial nature of the Western civilization, in which I said (and maintain so) that the West originated as a cultural patchwork, stitched from ideas and imports from all over the place. But that in itself could hardly be possible if at the heart of it you didn’t have societies which were open to foreign ideas and influences; or at very least, more open than the places from which those ideas and influences originated.

Thus philosophy, a thing of the highest utility, flourished in antiquity among the barbarians, shedding its light over the nations. And afterwards it came to Greece. First in its ranks were the prophets of the Egyptians; and the Chaldeans among the Assyrians; and the Druids among the Gauls; and the Samanaeans among the Bactrians; and the philosophers of the Celts; and the Magi of the Persians, who foretold the Saviour’s birth, and came into the land of Judaea guided by a star. The Indian gymnosophists are also in the number, and the other barbarian philosophers. And of these there are two classes, some of them called Sarmanae, and others Brahmins. And those of the Sarmanae who are called Hylobii neither inhabit cities, nor have roofs over them, but are clothed in the bark of trees, feed on nuts, and drink water in their hands. Like those called Encratites in the present day, they know not marriage nor begetting of children. Some, too, of the Indians obey the precepts of Buddha; whom, on account of his extraordinary sanctity, they have raised to divine honours.

  • Clement of Alexandria (c. 150 – 215), Stromata [5]

^ Biblical magi, the legendary wise men who honored infant Jesus with gifts, were stereotypically depicted as foreign kings of distant and exotic lands in European sacral art. In other words: medieval Europeans taught themselves that people most distinct from them, were their first guides towards what’s sacred and divine.

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Do white citizens of South Africa have equal rights to black citizens of South Africa?

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Chris Nortje · BA (Hons) in Psychology (college major) & Criminology, University of South Africa

No. Young white people cannot even get jobs in the country. This is because of Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) and Affirmative Action (AA). Racial demographics show that white South Africans now make up less than 8% of the population. This means that even without BEE and AA, white South Africans have an extremely low statistical chance of competing for jobs. With BEE and AA, it becomes nearly impossible, especially for young white people.

That’s the reason some white students get their qualifications and then immigrate. If they stay in SA, their black class mates are pushed to the front of the line. So they leave. I did the same when I got my first degree. Now, due to the pandemic, I’m stuck in SA, and I can’t even get an interview. Most skilled workers in SA are also leaving because of this but also because of fear for their safety. I have friends who work on wine farms abroad. Over here in SA, being a white farmer is one of the most dangerous jobs. You’ll see why later…

“The best estimate is around 23,000 people leaving per year, but anecdotal evidence is showing it is higher.”

Formby said that these South Africans are not necessarily looking for opportunities and ‘greener pastures’ in other countries, with many simply ‘terrified of what’s happening in their own backyard’.

In a separate interview with BusinessDay this week, Formby said that the country is losing qualified and experienced people in their thirties and forties to positions overseas.

This is especially the case for skills in the infrastructure and development sectors, which have been highlighted by president Cyril Ramaphosa as key to the country’s recovery.[1]

Perhaps the only way you can get employed as a white person is if you’re willing to work for a small company that is owned by a white person. However, they won’t be able to pay you much since companies need to be BEE compliant to get big contracts. So you basically end up working for peanuts.

I did manual labour on farms and construction sites for about twelve years after finishing high school for less than minimum wage. I had nothing. I lived in a backroom with two friends and slept on a mattress on the floor. I had to borrow clothes and shoes from them to go to work. Yes, I literally didn’t own shoes. I didn’t even have a toothbrush and used my finger to brush my teeth. At one point I was homeless and slept on the streets or sneaked onto sport fields at schools to not get robbed or murdered. But apparently I’m a privileged white…

At the age of 27, I got into the police. I was extremely lucky. At police college, I was the only white person in my platoon. When I graduated from police college, I basically used most of my salary to study since white people don’t get bursaries or grants. Financially, I was still struggling but I just forged ahead, working on myself. I saw no other option. My parents were in no position to help me. It took me several years to get my first degree, but I kept studying because I assumed a qualification would give me an edge. But this is South Africa, and I’m white. I finally left the police when it became clear that I would not get a promotion to a higher rank. There are white police officers who have had the same rank for 20 to 30 years. Promotions are for non-white police officers. That’s it. No way around that.

If you’re white and you’re not born into a rich family, you’re basically screwed. Even children from middle-class white families are increasingly in deep trouble in the job market, no matter their education or qualifications. I have nothing except two degrees. No car, no house, but now I at least have shoes. And I’m one of the lucky ones. If you have property (god forbid a piece of land) you are even in more danger. White farmers are targeted and their entire families are being murdered. In fact, of all the minority groups, the white South African population is the only group that is declining in population numbers. We are on the Genocide Watch list as the primary target of genocide along with African immigrants who are also being targeted by the majority black South African population.[2]

Between 2013 and 2018, Stat SA’s data shows that the white population in South Africa saw a net decline of 82,300 people.[3]

Between 1995 and 2005, more than one million South Africans emigrated, citing violence and racially motivated black on white crime as the main reason, as well as the lack of employment opportunities for whites.[4]

Black politicians blame white people for everything, especially the most corrupt among them. Everything is our fault. Everything. They are literally using language that make us targets and then aim the majority black population at us.[5][6][7][8][9][10] And then things get extremely violent. And these politicians are complicit.

This is the testimony of a survivor of a farm attack:

What followed was four hours of pure hell. I was shot as our attacker fired repeatedly through the doors of our home.

I can only describe this as feeling like wild animals being hunted. Our attacker shot through the sliding door of our bedroom and gained entry to our home.

He held the gun to my 9-year-old son’s head and threatened to shoot him. I told my little one to be quiet as this man would kill us… All I saw were silent tears rolling down his little cheeks for the next 4 hours.

He tied us all up with fencing wire, so tight that our hands lost their circulation.

He shouted at my children that he was there to kill their father and that he would chop him up in front of them.

The emotional torture and level of anger that my children endured were persistent and indescribable.

He repeatedly threatened to shoot my eldest son’s feet off and then ordered him to rape me. All we could do was beg him not to.

He then told my children aged 15, 13 and 9 that he was going to rape me in front of them, again I begged and pleaded with him not to expose them to this.

He forced me to my bedroom and raped me there. There was blood everywhere as I had already been shot. I could do nothing as my hands were tied behind my back.

He then brought my 13-year-old daughter to the bedroom, undressed her and attempted to rape her… Again, all I could do was beg for mercy so instead he forced my beautiful innocent daughter to watch as he raped me again.

I cannot describe the anger this man displayed towards us and I knew that if my children had any chance of survival, I had to get this man away from them and the farm. You don’t care about yourself, you just don’t want your children to die.[11]

And this white family were the lucky ones. The rest don’t survive to tell their tales of mutilation and rape. First they torture these people, then they kill the parents, the children and the pets. These are farm attacks, which our government insists are just normal crimes. Nothing especially hateful about that at all from the point of view of the ANC government. Completely normal.

So allow me to ask a few questions. In which other country do burglars and robbers “normally” torture, rape and murder entire families?

Why is this happening? What sort of cruel system creates this kind of society?

All you have to do is to look at the language being used in the country. Our reality is entirely a social construction shaped by a narrative.

Apparently, according to most black South Africans, we are all millionaires. We whites apparently have all the money and wealth in this country and we’re just too greedy to give it away. We own the banks, the mines, everything. This is what black politicians tell their black voters. Yes, every white South African is somehow in on some conspiracy to hoard wealth in the country, excluding every other population group. Just us white people. With all the money. That’s us. Everybody else is poor because we have all the wealth. Makes perfect sense, right? White people somehow get all the money without doing any work and then just keep it in secret bank accounts.

Somehow we are privileged even while we can’t get jobs in the country where we were born, a situation which is supported by our “post-apartheid” government’s race-based policies. I don’t even own a car and walk past black people driving SUVs every day, but I’m privileged… I don’t have a job either and I have literally been called a privileged white by a black lawyer who drives a BMW and owns a house. I was very happy that he could afford that car but was struck by the irony of his perception of me. He was literally in a better social and financial situation than me.

But my whiteness simply offends him. So to insult me, he tells me I’m a privileged white, which actually reminds me of Nietzsche’s Master and Slave Morality.[12] In this man’s mind he is still the slave and I’m the master, even while I’m unemployed and have to walk while he drives a BMW to work. I don’t own a house but I recently bought a second-hand bicycle so I suppose I am probably more privileged than some six-year-old kid who didn’t get his wish from Santa for a bicycle. In fact, I’m saving everything I can to get out of this country when the borders open up again.

Until recently, I used to work in China but had to return to South Africa for an exam. Then the borders shut because of Covid-19. I have been back in SA for a year, and I cannot even get a job as a security guard. With two degrees. My experience and qualifications mean nothing in South Africa simply because I’m white.

I used to defend South Africa when I lived and worked abroad but no more. You do not want to live here. Trust me. Especially if you’re an immigrant.

You’re not even safe if you are part of a non-white minority group.

In July 2020, Zakiyya Ahmedjan Ismail was brutally murdered during a home invasion on her farm in Weenen, KwaZulu-Natal.

Her throat was slit in front of her two young children. She was pregnant at the time.

She was one of 63 people murdered on SA’s farms in 2020, according to AfriForum, which on Wednesday released its farm attack and farm murder statistics for 2020.[13]

Those who attack and kill foreigners in South Africa have little to fear: such crimes are rarely punished.

As the South African government scrambles to contain a spate of xenophobic violence, mostly aimed at poor migrants from other African countries, researchers are pointing to a culture of impunity as a worrying factor in the unrest.

Take, for example, the case of Ernesto Nhamuave, a Mozambican man beaten, stabbed and burned alive by a mob in a squatter camp near Johannesburg during a wave of anti-foreigner attacks in 2008.

Photographs of Nhamuave’s horrific death made headlines around the world, and became a dominant image of the violence that displaced 100,000 and left 62 dead.

But no one was ever arrested for Nhamuave’s murder, with the official reason being that there were no suspects and no witnesses. Yet when a South African journalist visited the site of the murder earlier this year, he found an eyewitness who quickly pointed out the main suspects.

Jean-Pierre Misago, a researcher at the African Center for Migration and Society in Johannesburg, estimates that at least 350 foreigners have been killed in xenophobic violence since 2008. But Misago, who has been tracking these attacks, said he has only heard of one murder conviction, with very few cases making it to court.[14]

In these images above you can clearly see how black South Africans treat African immigrants. Now imagine how you will be dealt with if you are white, alone, living on a farm or isolated when you go for a hike in the mountains.

A Ukrainian tourist was stabbed to death for his backpack on a scenic Hout Bay trail on Saturday morning.[15]

The bodies of a British couple who emigrated to South Africa have been found days after they went missing following a robbery at their home… police believe the “inseparable” pair were kidnapped by armed raiders who broke into their house and killed them before dumping their bodies in a river.[16]

A pregnant woman was stabbed to death in her bed as she slept alongside her husband and toddler son at a luxury resort in South Africa. Karen Turner was killed a day after celebrating her 31st birthday, and her husband Matthew, 33, was knifed several times in the frenzied attack at around 3am on Tuesday. Ms Turner, a primary school teacher from Underberg, died almost instantly, police said. The couple’s unborn child also died.[17]

The bodies of a British couple who emigrated to South Africa have been found days after they went missing following a robbery at their home.[18]

Cape Town is a well-known tourist hotspot, but also one of the most divided and dangerous cities in the world. It has seen an average of eight murders a day, for the first six months of this year. In one weekend in July, 43 people were killed. The South African Army has now been deployed to help stop the violence. In some cases, residents are forming vigilante groups.[19]

Warning to all Tourists planning to visit South Africa: South Africa is officially the Rape-Murder capital of the world. The crime rate is currently at over 59 murders a day. A woman is raped every three minutes. Armed and organized criminals track tourists upon their arrival at the airport. Then victimised tourists do not understand the risks, leave their homes or hotels after dark, or befriend locals that later rape and murder them. South Africa has simply become too dangerous for foreigners.[20]

As an ex-police officer, I can tell you for a fact that the SA police is useless. Most detectives these days do their very best to close dockets without any investigation. I’ve witnessed this personally when I was a cop. Perhaps they are just overwhelmed. What I eventually did was to go to find the suspects myself. I completed the entire docket for these detectives, plus witness statements. Yet, the next day, the suspect is out on the streets again. I just don’t know what is happening in this country anymore. You get robbed, attacked, or assaulted with a deadly weapon. Obviously you’ll go to the nearest police station to open a case, and the very next day a detective calls to tell you there is no evidence and they are going to close your case.

Nothing happens. I know this from experience. Two people tried to stab me with a screwdriver to take my phone. I had to fight for my life. As an ex-cop, I went to report it. The detective told me to my face that nothing would come from an investigation. I gave him one suspect’s nickname that I heard during the attack. Still nothing. He asked me how he was supposed to find the suspect. Well, obviously by investigating an attempted murder!

They didn’t even want to take my statement. Me, an ex-police officer.

They just don’t care.

I eventually wrote to the Western Cape Police Ombudsman. Then, a month later, an officer from the station called me in and apologised and said that the officers I named will be disciplined. I sat there with my arms folded, asked him if he’s done, and then left. How the hell is an apology supposed to help when the police refuse to investigate an attempt on your life?

So no. In South Africa you don’t even have a right to life or over your own body. They say we do on paper. But we don’t have any rights.

This is what Nelson Mandela said in his most famous speech:

During my lifetime I have dedicated myself to this struggle of the African people. I have fought against white domination, and I have fought against black domination. I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony and with equal opportunities. It is an ideal which I hope to live for and to achieve. But if needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die.

Well, he’s dead now. And his mission has failed. It was just words.

This country is hell on earth. Currently we have the highest number of Covid-19 infection cases on the continent. Most countries have banned travellers from South Africa because of Covid-19 mutations in the country. We can go nowhere. I’m not even allowed to go back to my job in China where this pandemic started. I have no income. Our governing party (the ANC) literally stole funds that were meant for relief, protective and medical equipment DURING the pandemic.[21] I probably wouldn’t have seen any of that money anyway because I’m white. The rate at which we vaccinate people is lower than that of Rwanda! Seriously? We’re in worse shape than Rwanda that has a lower GDP than us? And they vaccinate the same amount of people in two days that takes us three weeks?[22]

You want to know about our rights?

South Africa is a lawless dark pit in hell. As a white South African, I have now finally decided that I will leave this country for good. When the borders open again, I will never return or speak of this place again. I think I will probably renounce my citizenship. The ANC has destroyed our economy anyway. There is nothing left here for us. The constant hate, racism and violence in this country has just become too unbearable for me. It’s a hateful place to live with violent crime and corruption a huge part of the culture. I don’t know why people have to be like this to each other. I hope these murderers and rapists who ruined this country die alone and afraid and then go to hell. And the corrupt ANC can follow them.


EDIT: Sorry, but I’m seeing a lot of non-sensical comments from some users who seem to have a need to display their political correctness around murder. Apparently, talking about white people that were murdered in South Africa is inappropriate and statistically insignificant given the fact that they are a minority. I think most reasonable humans will agree that any human life is not a simple matter of statistical significance. Your child, as an individual living on this planet, would also be statistically insignificant if a TV fell on them and killed them. Yet your child’s life still has great significance to you and other people who know your child and care about your child.

Please consider the following before pulling out more crime statistics. Obviously, in a society where white people make up 8% of the population, the 92% that is non-white will have higher crime rates. But also note that murder statistics do not show you the difference between gang violence and hate crimes. There is a difference between quantitative and qualitative research. For instance, qualitative research will show you that most of the murders in the South African Coloured community are caused by gang violence. Most black-on-black murders are caused by domestic violence and gender-based violence or drunken brawls in taverns. The rest are xenophobic attacks against African immigrants, and then there are farm murders.

If the South African government can make gender based violence a priority crime because it results in deaths, and they can change legislation around the sale of alcohol because it results in murder near taverns, and they can make gang violence a priority crime because it causes deaths in the Coloured community, then one may reasonably assume that hate crimes that cause deaths on farms should also be a priority considering the importance of food security.

A government should be able to focus on several things at once. You can have more than one priority. So why are hate crimes against farmers deliberately excluded as a priority crime? What in the example above makes a farm attack look like a normal robbery?

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Humility is wise, and the willingness to learn today leads to prosperity tomorrow.

Pride is foolishness, and powerful arrogance today leads to devastation tomorrow.

This is true for both

  • the white fascists of yesterday (and the destruction of their future today)
  • and the black fascists to today (and the destruction of their future tomorrow)

If Christians remember that there is only One Law
— and that they are as subject to the Law as any unbeliever
— they will do very well for themselves.

Be humble.

Do justice to the weak as to the strong:
even take special precautions to protect the lives, liberty, and property of the weak, as they have no strong voice in the councils of Powerful Men.1

Do this, and live.
You, and your descendants after you.

And I will establish my covenant between me and you and your offspring after you throughout their generations for an everlasting covenant, to be God to you and to your offspring after you.

Genesis 17:7, English Standard Version

Keep the covenant.

1As the South African example illustrates, weak black men had no voice in the councils of the powerful White Apartheid Regime of the past, and weak white men have no voice in the councils of the powerful ANC Regime of today.

A change of oppressors is not what Christianity is about.
One Law for All is what God demands.

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