COVID and the Anti-Lockdown Strategy

My friend Jeff Tucker had it right from day one: the lockdowns would not work and should not have been imposed.

His latest article presents graphs of the latest data. The data show that the lockdown states failed to produce reduced rates of COVD-19 cases and deaths when compared with nearby states that did not lock down. His article is here.

The Anti-Lockdown Strategy: “Fool Me Once….”
Gary North

There is no difference in deaths or infection rates, between those states that locked down, and those states that didn’t.

No difference.

The problem is that the presence or absence of lockdowns in the face of the virus seem completely uncorrelated with any disease trajectory. AIER has assembled 33 case studies from all over the world showing this to be true. 

Why should any of this matter? Because the “scientists” who recommended lockdowns had posited very precisely and pointedly that they had found the way to control the virus and minimized negative outcomes. We know for sure that the lockdowns imposed astonishing collateral damage. What we do not see is any relationship between lockdowns and disease outcomes. 

This is devastating because the scientists who pushed lockdowns had made specific and falsifiable predictions. This was probably their biggest mistake. In doing so, they set up a test of their theory. Their theory failed. This is the sort of moment that causes a collapse of a scientific paradigm, as explained by Thomas Kuhn in The Structure of Scientific Revolutions (1962). 

A good example of a similar situation might be the Soviet economy under Nikita Khrushchev. He came to power with a promise that he would make the Russia economy under communism perform better than the United States. That was the essence of his famous promise “We will bury you.” He meant that Russia would outproduce America. 

It did not happen. He failed and the theory he pushed failed alongside. And thus began the slow coming apart of communist theory and practice. Khrushchev had already repudiated the Stalinist terror state but never had any intention of presiding over the slow demise of the entire Soviet experiment in central planning. By setting up a test that could falsify his promise, he doomed an entire system to intellectual repudiation and eventual collapse. 

The Lockdown Paradigm Is Collapsing
Jeffery A. Tucker

North doubts if any sanctions will be brought against the bureaucrats who willfully created this mess. But he does agree on the likelihood of a modern scientific revolution.

I will put it this way. The establishment scientists who lined up behind Bill Gates, the WHO, and the Centers for Disease Control all spoke with a unified voice. This unified voice made a claim that is now being refuted by the evidence. Tucker understands this. The scientists, meaning the establishment scientists, have bet the farm on their paradigm. Tucker correctly identifies this word, paradigm, with the revolutionary book published in 1962 by the University of Chicago press: the Structure of Scientific Revolutions, written by Thomas Kuhn. That was one of the most important academic books of the 20th century. It created something of an intellectual revolution. He argued that scientific revolutions take place when existing explanations of events no longer fit the evidence associated with these events. Tucker thinks that we may be at the edge of another of these scientific revolutions.

The Anti-Lockdown Strategy: “Fool Me Once….”
Gary North

I agree.

Sadly, we are unlikely to get justice from our unaccountable “public health experts” — who are merely incompetent tyrants — no more than the beaten-down Soviet citizen got any justice from the Commissars and the Planning Bureaus.

But the Power and Control System of the Ruling Party died, even so.

It’s nice to be on the winning side, even as we bear up under the usual nonsense of Our Betters.


The future is ours.

It is in the hands of God, and not in the hands of the tyrants.

Life, Liberty, Property, Justice and Mercy and the Rule of Law… that is the way of the future.

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