COVID in India

COVID is not a serious threat in most nations at this point in time….

…but it is a real danger in India, where thousands really are dying, every day.

Tom Wood’s viewpoint:

You may have seen that India is having a very difficult time with the virus right now, with thousands of deaths per day.

The scientists I respect on this are the ones who admit that it’s a puzzle to account for it.

The scientists I do not respect are the ones who claim it’s because of bad behavior.


Who can still believe this nonsense?

Last week Dr. Fauci was asked why completely open Texas was doing so much better than Michigan, which has had ludicrous restrictions from the beginning.

His answer:

What matters aren’t mandates but behavior, and people in Texas are behaving better than people in Michigan.

This is seriously what he’s reduced to.

This after we were warned of a “superspreader” event caused by a Texas Rangers game. As I’m sure you knew without having to check, no “superspreader” occurred.

Now back to India:

Whatever the explanation is for what’s happening in India, we cannot allow the crazies to exploit that unfortunate country as a case for lockdowns.

First, let’s note something about the United States. Here’s a graph of COVID hospitalizations in various states, graphed according to the lockdown stringency of each state. Notice that there is no connection at all, and that what connection does seem to exist runs in the other direction:

Now here is India’s stringency. As you can see, it has been quite high throughout:

And here is the public health establishment around the world assuring us that masks were keeping the numbers down in India:

Back here in the U.S., I recently spoke to the sheriff of Santa Cruz County in Arizona, who ran on a platform of not harassing people over COVID, and who received four times as many votes as his closest competitor.

He uses my newsletter to defend himself, and he’s read Ludwig von Mises and other greats.

I guarantee you will enjoy meeting him:

Tom Woods

The claim that “bad behaviour” and “masks” are the reason for India’s spike in COVID deaths and hospitalizations is demonstrably false.

The cause lies elsewhere, and good (preferably, good and fast!) medical investigation is needed to get to the root of the problem.


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