A Leader Who Did The Donkey Work

From Tom Woods. Creep Governor who Just Got Creepier

At this point everyone knows about the creepiness of Andrew Cuomo, but today the New York Times reported that his cover-up regarding deaths in nursing homes went on longer and was more extensive than previously thought.

Everyone is throwing Cuomo under the bus, though he’s still hanging in there.

By coincidence, just when the Establishment decided it could dispense with Cuomo it also happened to discover cases of the governor abusing women — as if no one had considered before that a sleaze like Cuomo might have a woman problem.

But until recently, the only governor who’s been subjected to nonstop abuse in the media has been, of course, Ron DeSantis of Florida.

Jay Bhattacharya, professor of medicine at Stanford University and one of the signers of the Great Barrington Declaration, said of DeSantis in his second appearance on the Tom Woods Show:

“Most epidemiologists don’t know the literature as well as he does. I don’t have the words. I’m still stunned by it. I didn’t know anything about him before September, really. I’ve just been very impressed.

“He had read all the papers I had referenced, and not just my articles — lots and lots of other papers. He knew all of the details; it was a remarkable conversation. And then, we had this like roundtable on Sept. 25, with Martin [Kulldorff, of Harvard] and Mike Leavitt [of Stanford], and with DeSantis leading it, and the next day he lifted most of the restrictions all across Florida.

“I had a reporter ask me about him, from Politico, and the line the reporter was trying to give me was that [DeSantis] got lucky, that he turned out to be right, but he got lucky. Obviously, there’s great uncertainty about risks about any policy of this kind of scope, but it’s not actually luck. He was very, very well-informed.

“By adopting a policy that’s robust to scientific uncertainty, he’s inoculated himself against, in a sense, being wrong, because he’s adopted a policy that will be right over a very broad range of scientific parameters. Whereas the lockdown folks, they’re only right for a narrow set of scientific parameters. And those scientific parameters turned out to be not right. So, I think in a sense, he’s not lucky; he actually is smart. And he really got the policy right by delving deep into the science.” 

That’s what we’d be reading in the media if we lived in a normal country.

A leader who did his own donkey work — and plenty of it! — when the topic was of critical importance to the life and labour of his people.

Some things, even many things, a leader should delegate. But when it comes to the key critical matters, you have to spend the time to master the material yourself.

There is no substitute for this.

THIS is the kind of man Christians should emulate: ordinary believers, certainly, but especially leaders.

“Go thou and do likewise.”


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