Organizing a Black Exodus from the Public Schools

This is definitely the best news I’ve had this decade… assuming North completes what he started.

He has a track record of getting the work done.

His article started:

Over a century ago, Sears & Roebuck’s Julius Rosenwald put up the money for over 5,000 schools in the South for black kids. Booker T. Washington put together the curriculum. The story is here.

This story received no publicity at the time. Southern whites did not want to admit that the existing tax-funded schools for blacks were substandard. That would have undermined “separate but equal” racism established by Plessy v. Ferguson (1896). White liberals in the North did not know about these schools. In any case, they were not in favor of schools that were not run by local governments. They still aren’t. They oppose charter schools.

Publicity is not my concern. Even racism isn’t my concern, not at this moment.

Results are what I’m here for.

A meaningful exodus of Black children out from the death-traps and into a world where they can get strong and smart and inspired to reach greater goals, is a most excellent thing.

More productive, literate & numerate, drug-free, and self-disciplined Black American children with a worthwhile goal for their future would be a blessing for Black Americans, for all Americans, for the Kingdom of God. Even good for the world as a whole, believer and unbeliever!

And yes, there will be secondary benefits to the economy (going up), the crime rate (going down), and even to Rosenwald’s heirs (greater social peace, with more customers with more money to spend.)

None of this is a problem for me. Lots of this would be a cause for celebration.

More curricula and more organizations to sustain a Black Exodus from the drug and crime-fueled “pre-prison” holding pens would be appreciated, though.

*Looks at all those wealthy Black Celebrities*

*Looks at all those Black churches*

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