The Left vs Homeschooling

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The Left vs. Homeschooling
Gary North – May 10, 2021

The diatribe begins: “white Christian nationalism.”… keep reading

Did you really think that Our Betters would start by improving urban and black schools?

Nah. They’re just going to continue throwing money, letting the bullies rule and the drugs flow, and stress conformity & political compliance over all.

Far, far above mastering literacy, numeracy, science, money management, history, civics.

Increasingly, even over sports (!!)

Now, watch as the hate begins to flow for those who — usually because they exalt Someone above the State — stands outside the command and control matrix.

None of this should come as a surprise. Although opponents of homeschooling have typically raised understandable concerns—such as whether parents with limited educations are equipped to teach math and reading, or whether some parents keep their children out of school as a pretext to abuse them—their actual animus as expressed in their writings is almost always directed at parents who are too religious for their tastes. That means evangelical and other conservative Christians (who still account for the vast majority of homeschoolers), along with Hasidic Jews who educate their children in their own yeshivas.

In her article for the Arizona Law Review, for example, Bartholet referred to what she called homeschooling parents’ ideological commitment to “isolating their children from the majority culture and indoctrinating them in views and values that are in serious conflict with that culture.”

Terms such as “indoctrinate,” “isolate,” views “far outside the mainstream,” and failure to “expose” children to “alternative perspectives” or to teach them to “think for themselves”—those are commonplaces of the academic writings of homeschooling opponents. Just to make it clear whom they are talking about, these critics typically throw in a sarcastic reference to the Bible as “sacred, absolute truth.”

Up until very recently, however, homeschooling opponents kept their attacks reasonably subtle. That is, they didn’t come out and say directly that what they didn’t like about Christian homeschooling was the Christian part. Then, the Jan. 6 invasion of the Capitol gave them an excuse to do exactly that, usually without being able to back up their attacks with evidence.

Attacks on Christian Homeschooling Are No Longer Subtle
Charlotte Allen

Just as surely as Our Betters despite White Christians, they also despise Black Christians.

Especially those Black Americans who got the memo and are getting their children out of the failure-centre pre-prisons.

“Hey! Let’s use the same boogeyman to both paint the White Christians evil,
and scare off the Black Christians from leaving the plantation!”

“A divided and defeatist church, soiling itself in fear, is our greatest ally.”

Useful tools to reach the central goals that drive Our Betters forward.

All will Conform.

All will Comply.

All will Submit.

None will Argue with Us.

None will Challenge Us.

None will Ignore Us.

No other voice will be heard,
but Ours.

Time to break off the chains: FIRST the chains on our mind, and THEN the chains on our lives.

I recommend that my readers check out Homeschooling doubled from pandemic’s start to last fall (AP) Lots of good stuff here, from the expansion of homeschooling in Massachusetts (!!) to it’s sharp growth among Black Americans, who are – at long last! – moving to take control of their children’s education from the uncaring – yet richly-rewarded – incompetents.

COVID: Homeschooling Doubles

Government-run schools – especially those in ‘urban neighbourhoods’ – have been abject failures for decades now. And that’s never going to change.

“He who pays the piper calls the tune” after all.

If the Left is serious about ending the government war on blacks, they can get serious about ending Nixon’s War on Drugs.

But that’s not going to happen.
Not if the Democratic-run police unions have anything to say about it.

Black American can’t wait on the Left.

Black parents are responsible for their children TODAY.

Personally, I’m perfectly comfortable with Gary North’s plan for a free homeschool curriculum. But if Black Americans disagree, I have zero problems with going with Khan Academy (too mainstream for my tastes, but at least they treat education seriously.)

Or, even better, get some Black Leaders – mothers and fathers, pastors, singers, builders, businessmen, scientists, doctors, even academics – together and start building their own curriculum, their own educational networks that teach what they want their kids to know.

It’s long past time for this to happen.

This is far better than compliance with the desires of their Betters – Black and White – who have kept them powerless, ignorant, fearful, and dependent for four decades and counting.

It’s time to get back control of your future, from the hands of the incompetents (at best) and the malicious – regardless of race or religion or party.

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