The Power of the Word

A cut’n’paste from that other blog.

—<Quote begins>—

Basically a visual retelling of Imperial Disasters on Desert Lands.

An Arabia that was successfully held by Rome – even for just two centuries or so – would have reshaped history in interesting ways.

Note that Augustus was able to sweep this disaster under the rug because the forces he used were local auxiliaries, not regular legionnaires. Even in Rome, some military units are more disposable than others.


Who would win?
A big ass army of 10,000 romans
1 tour guide boi

It’s not that the Roman army was weak, or incompetent. They only lost seven men to battle, after all, and won every battle they fought.

It’s that bad intel — or “the wrong word in the right ear” — outweighs all the might, muscle, wealth, and technology you can muster.

—<Quote end>—

Words matter.

Christians, who worship Jesus Christ, the Word of God, should be the people most attuned to the power of the Word.

Especially a true word.

And so, we are to be the most dismissive of all the armies, moneybags, top-down control structures, torture chambers, and mass graves the world has to offer.

Also: note the increasingly frantic measures Our Betters are putting into controlling what you say, who you talk to, what you see.

Lots of short-term lies, sure (to be quickly dumped and replaced with a new lie when it’s no longer useful) but primarily in deleting information, in insuring that you never hear anything that challenges the Consensus Opinion.

Our Betters know that their world is going down.

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