Football and Modern Philosophy

The movie is unlike any sports movie I have ever seen. That is because of an invented character: the whittler. The whittler expresses modern philosophy better than any movie character I have ever seen. In one scene, it is as if he was quoting Chapter 2 of my book, Is the World Running Down?. It deals with cosmology. It has little to do with football. I shouted to my wife: “That’s it!”

A Football Biopic That Conveys the Battle of Good and Evil Better Than Most
Gary North

It’s surprising and bemusing, for a whittler to spell out the philosophy of Our Betters than any other modern movie.

Note that the book Is the World Running Down? is addressed to the antics of a certain Jeremy Rifkin in the 1970s and 80s, back when it was worth his time to target evangelicals and creationists.

For fun, you might want to read Wikipedia’s glowing biography of the man. Lots of friends in high places.

For extremely suspicious definitions of “high”.

I think I’ll shift to “powerful places.” Rather more accurate, for more than one reason.

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