Fully Reversible Puberty Blockers

Our Masters and Thought Overlords are extremely cruel.

Not that Western Christians are going to do a thing about it.

“It might hurt my career if I get involved in this!”

I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if some pointedly non-Christian – but also sane, compassionate, and gutsy – belief system is the one to sweep these intensely evil people off their power perches.

God blesses those who fight for what’s right.
Not murmuring cowards.

—<Quote begins>—

Quora: What lie do you no longer tolerate?

Jean-Marie Valheur, political aficionado & former journalist

The lie that puberty blockers are ‘fully reversible’. They aren’t. Now activists like to portray them as such, because it serves their agenda to portray them as such. “Sure, you can take blockers, it won’t change a thing! You can just, stop at any moment and puberty will proceed exactly as it would have with no ill-effects whatsoever!” Which sounds awfully nice, but isn’t quite true.

The logic behind the whole thing is — you stop puberty for a child with gender issues so they would not have to go through with a changing body that might well upset their dysphoric minds. Makes sense.

Problem is, there is such a thing as delayed puberty happening naturally. And some people would go through puberty at sixteen, eighteen, or older, and develop just fine. Others never do. Take for instance jazz singer Jimmy Scott, who suffered from a condition known as Kallman Syndrome; he never went through puberty physically. As a result, he remained short and never fathered any children.

Now, lets say a child feels like he or she is transgender. They would talk to a psychiatrist and be prescribed puberty blockers at an early age, say, ten years old, before the onset of puberty. Maybe they’d take the blockers for a few years, then at around sixteen, start with HRT, Hormone Replacement Therapy. If they decided, at seventeen, to stop treatment? Chances are the damage would be permanent. Among other issues they would:

  1. Never reach their full potential height, if even close
  2. Have a vastly different bone structure and less bone density, breaking bones more easily
  3. Have smaller, underdeveloped genitalia that may never reach their full potential either and may remain sterile
  4. Their brains may have developed differently due to puberty blockers and hormones not only affecting the body, but also the brain that runs it

There is little known about the long-term effects of this sort of treatment, as it is relatively new. Especially little is known about the effects on the brain, which I say is rather crucial. Not much is known about fertility before and after puberty blockers, either, and it’s a sensitive subject; a detransitioned guy wouldn’t soon own up to the fact that he now has a micropenis, brittle bones and may never grow a beard as a result of treatment.

People who advocate for the rights of transgenders, especially young transgenders, often fail to take into account the very serious side effects hormone treatment and puberty blockers may have. It could permanently stunt one’s growth and physical development in way that are incredibly damaging.

Does a child really have the ability to, at the age of nine or ten, understand how his or her choices may lead to never ever having a biological child of their own? Permanent infertility? Permanently reduced height? I doubt it. And then you basically tell them there is a “way back” if they change their mind, “because puberty blockers are fully reversible”. But there is no way back, and no, they aren’t fully reversible.

They are reversible to a degree if you took them for only a year, or two. But take them for five years, six, maybe even in tandem with HRT for some time? No, there’s no real coming back from that. The damage to one’s body may well be permanent and pointing out the fact that little is known of the long-term physical and mental effects is still controversial… and it shouldn’t be — it should be openly discussed for the benefit of these same trans kids they claim to defend.

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