The Intersectionality Wars

If you want to understand a concept, why not look at the source material?

In my conversations with right-wing critics of intersectionality, I’ve found that what upsets them isn’t the theory itself. Indeed, they largely agree that it accurately describes the way people from different backgrounds encounter the world. The lived experiences — and experiences of discrimination — of a black woman will be different from those of a white woman, or a black man, for example. They object to its implications, uses, and, most importantly, its consequences, what some conservatives view as the upending of racial and cultural hierarchies to create a new one.

But Crenshaw isn’t seeking to build a racial hierarchy with black women at the top. Through her work, she’s attempting to demolish racial hierarchies altogether.

The intersectionality wars
By Jane

I’m not sure if it can be done: certainly, it can’t be done easily.

But if you believe in the intensely Biblical concept of “Equality Under the Law”, then accepting the concept of Intersectionality – and putting the concept to work, in the real world, against racial hierarchies – is worth fighting for.

Even if the fight takes decades, or generations.

And please… no ignorant strawman arguments. Address the actual legal arguments used.

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