Restoring Spiritual Capital

Western Christians will find that it was a snap to destroy Christian restraints on the State,the People and on the Dreams of Powerful Men.

Done in the name of the Master Race and/or Free Stuff and/or The Empire and/or Debt Without Repayment and/or Pleasure without Price.

But it will take generations to rebuild – reconstruct – a Christian culture.

Well, nothing is going to change until the work is done.
And neither Our Religious Leaders, nor Our Political Overlords, are ever going to do it.

Both groups despise the very concept, of course. As demonstrated by their actions, rooted in their mutual hatred of Divine Justice, Divine Law, and Divine Authority.
Who knew that the alliance between Rome and the Temple would last so long?

So the common layman might as well get started now.
This means new leaders, and new networks.

Even a barely-seen video has its place, if God so directs…
… while the vast stream of noise from, say, the Church of England or Rome or Moscow is left to rot in the dust. Despite the greater number of views.
(Over 9000!)

Truth, not popularity, is what God demands.

One good thing: the sooner Christians get started, the sooner the work gets done.
And with depopulation and decentralization and state bankruptcy well underway, it is likely to get somewhat easier over the next two decades (despite greater Establishment malice).

And it will definitely easier after the 2040 point or so, post Great Default, and after the disintegration of the mainstream media. Call it the difference between the people who had children and know they must obey the Law of God, and those who did not have children and couldn’t care less about any law except their own will.

Some people have a future. Others don’t.

Placing your faith in Christ pays off.
Placing your faith in an institution – the Family or the State or the Church – does not,
not if they cut themselves off from Christ.

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