COVID, Cruise Ships, and the Silent Summer

Visiting COVID-19 pandemic on cruise ships, I have discovered that 88 people have died, total, on these vessels due to COVID.

This is regarding cruise ships, which had 29.7 million passengers in 2019.

This is in an industry where cruise ships really are an idea breeding ground for disease – due to its closed-in nature.1

This is in an industry where the average age of the passenger really is pushing the 50s mark, and so actually are more vulnerable to a kind of flu with 10x the fatality rate of an ordinary flu, and where people over 75 have a 10% chance of dying.

A report from Cruise Lines International Association from 2019 states the average age of cruise passengers is 46.9 years, while the largest age bracket is 60–69 years (19%) followed by 50–59 years (18%).[502] Research from 2001 studying the epidemiology of passenger mortalities on two cruise ships, indicated a median age of 65 years of cruise participants. It also stated, that between April 1995 to April 2001 “there was an average of one death every six months per ship”, with an average of 800 passengers on each ship.[503]

COVID-19 pandemic on cruise ships, Wikipedia

A cruise ship is probably the most dangerous environment for older people, when it comes to a dangerous flu.

And a total of 88 people died of it.

You can be certain, that a lot more than 88 lives have been destroyed because of the end of the cruise industry. And a lot more than 88 people have committed suicide, or had their family destroyed, or had (have) themselves and their children go hungry because of the frantic destruction of the cruise industry.

All done because of an novel and untested theory of disease control, which was against 50 years of medical practice, in the name of some bureaucratic power-seekers who don’t need to pay the price for our losses.

“We win. You lose. Just as it should be.”3

The economic damage of destroying the cruise industry – and all the little people who service and depend on it for their living, including small towns like Ketchikan in Alaska2– simply doesn’t matter to our aging Ruling Class, so long as they themselves are safe and feel in control of the situation.

All this destruction wasn’t done for our health and safety, but for their power and psychic comfort, their need to feel in control.

1Interesting, that the governments of the world insist on the isolation of the masses, and cutting them off from exercise and fresh air. “All in the name of safety.”

As opposed to “All in the name of control, and teaching the unruly masses the importance of obedience.”

2“In 2019, 1.2 million people stepped off a cruise ship into the small, south-east Alaskan town of Ketchikan. The next year, in 2020, zero did. After decades of diligent work building a sleepy fishing, mining, and logging town into one of the most sought after cruise destinations in the world, the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed Ketchikan into an empty shell—lined with restaurants, shops, and attractions for the visitors who no longer come. Now, the town must find a way to survive without its key economy until the day arrives when cruise visitors once again pour into its docks.” – Alaska’s Silent Summer, Wendover, on Nebula

3Note carefully, how loudly the Marxist and the Leftist so vigorously support the impoverishment and the stripping of power, income, self-ownership, and self-control from the working class and the poor, and give it to Our Betters with the correct opinions, certifications, and ideology.

These people are not the friends of the common man. To the contrary.

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