Created in the Image of God… not Satan

…man is not made in the image of Satan but in the image of God. And so even Lucky Luciano (some years ago I read three or four different books on him), wanted nothing more than to give the impression of respectability. So that everything he was, he was trying to live down and claim to be something else. And he spent fantastic sums to try to build up respectability for himself, as all of them do—the entire mafia. In other words, man has within his own nature built in the total condemnation of what he is as a sinner. He is not made in the image of Satan and therefore no matter how much he tries, he cannot be content in evil. He finds in it progressive frustration and death. So he becomes more and more suicidal in his course.

R. J. Rushdoony
The Ninth Commandment
Witness of the False Prophet

It’s why North Korea and China, and the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany, Imperial japan and the Belgian Congo, all went way out of their way to appear ‘civilized’.

Only ISIS was truly willing to go public with their comprehensive evil (that they insisted was the will of God, by the way – still playing the righteous game).

Even outright Satanists mostly position themselves as merely amoral, often even ‘more righteous than the Christians’ or as ‘ideological objectivists’.

Marxists and numerous atheists claim to be more moral, to be better a Image of God, than God Himself. A cracked and warped mirror, insisting it’s better than the real thing.

Even a clean and perfect mirror, a true reflection1 of the Image of God, gives only a finite two-dimensional aspect of the Divine Reality! Even a sinless and flawless mirror is no substitute for the actual Creator of Heaven and earth, the real standard of Law and Truth, Justice and Mercy.

Fascists and race-driven National Socialists may well be enthusiastic cross-wavers as well.

Evil pretends to be something it is not. It lies.

It lies because they want to claim the Image of God for themselves.

Even Satan wanted worship, to be as God.

And many of his followers – in and out of the church – claim moral standing as justification for their lawless and contemptible deeds.

1And even an excellent mirror gives a mirrored reflection, a failing that cannot be evaded, ever. The finite can never truly encompass the infinite, even if you ignore the three-dimensional form of the real thing.

But it can be an honest and true reflection, instead of a warped and cracked and miscoloured and photoshopped reflection. Even in the finite world, there are better mirrors, and worse mirrors.


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