COVID Videos, and Future Superbugs

In this low-budget talking-head video, cardiologist Peter McCullough warns against superbugs that will be immune to today’s vaccines.

His credentials are here.


First, he says that today’s vaccines counter the specific Wuhan generation of COVID-19. That generation is long gone.

Second, he argues that the mass-distributed vaccines are creating the groundwork for a wave of a killer pandemic that could become the real deal.

Video: The COVID-X Superbugs That Will Be Immune to the Next Vaccine
Gary North

The talking head video is here, on the Odysee site.

In the meantime, The Lancet published a faked-up paper to spook the suckers into the current mania:

A longer presentation:

Why am I not surprised that the social media sites that were so quick to quote the original test ‘result’, but have not published the article that retracted that article because it was flawed. Do you think it might have something to do with the fake news hatred of President Trump ?

J Day, commenting on the article
Lancet, New England Journal retract Covid-19 studies, including one that raised safety concerns about malaria drugs
by Andrew Joseph, June 4, 2020

Our Betters don’t care if what they say is true or false.

They only care if it helps them reach their political goals of the moment.

And the price for today’s foolishness?

“That’s someone else’s problem.”

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