Christians and Churchgoers

It’s Better to Speak to the Leftists

I see very little chance of these Christians waking up.


They’re not waking up because they’re dead. They have the form of godliness, St. Paul said of such people, but they lack the power, or the life thereof. If after all they’ve seen in recent years, they don’t wake up, nothing else is going to wake them up.

It’s like the—I’ve cited this example before, and I think it’s a very telling one, of the woman in Shanghai, a liberal, Chinese, liberal in religion and background, who when the Japanese occupied Shanghai, and there was a massive rape of herself and other women that they’d captured, her own report of the episode is the most shocking thing, because she kept telling herself, ‘This can’t be true. This can’t be real. It’s just a bad dream, because people are naturally good. This can’t happen. It isn’t true.’ Now, if under circumstances like that, you can’t wake up, you see, you never can.

And this is true of most people in the churches today. They’re so addicted to their illusions. It’s like a narcotic with them. The worse things get, the more they are wedded to their dreams. This is why I no longer will speak to the average religious group on a campus whenever I’m invited to speak to campus groups. Because, whether they are liberal on the one hand, or evangelical on the other, they are so wedded to their illusions they don’t want to be disturbed. I’d rather speak to a group of leftist students. At least they’ll get upset, and angry; you can shake them. But there’s no hope for these

The Ninth Commandment
False Freedom
Dr. R.J. Rushdoony

There’s no hope for the dead churches: not the liberal ones, and not the evangelical ones.

God’s people will have to push on, past their dry bones and meaningless, powerless guts of wind that blow through their jaws.

In contrasts: the leftists may be on the wrong road, but they are alive.

The Fruit is Not There

[Audience] … seeing eyes, they cannot see, and have hearing ears but they cannot hear, and then there’s {?}

[Rushdoony] Right. This is in Isaiah 6. It is the most often quoted verse in the New Testament, that hearing, they will not hear, and seeing they will not see lest their hearts turn and they be converted.

Now supposedly 60% of the people in the United States are church members, Catholic and Protestant. One of the first points at which the Early church, when it was only a handful of people meeting in homes confronted the Roman Empire on the issue of abortion. The Church had not been more than a few years old and had tackled the Roman Empire on that subject.

But consider what’s happening today. The governor of the State of California this last week said, “Our public health department has told us its projections, that if the present rate of increase continues in California, a year from now, there will be more abortions than there will be live births in this state, and a great proportion of them will be financed by Medi-Cal.” And what can you say for the Christianity of these people, these 60% when they tolerate this? They should be able to stop it cold since they’re the majority. But they’re not, which indicates their impotence, or the fact that they are by and large church members, rather than Christians. And of church members, we have many. Christians are not in evidence, because our Lord said, ‘by their fruits shall ye know them,’ and the fruit is not there!

The Ninth Commandment
False Freedom
Dr. R.J. Rushdoony

The cultural and legal situation is now clearly worse than it was in the late 60’s/early 70’s…

…and the fruit is still not there.

The fruit is not there, because the Christians are not there.

Where are they going to come from?

Certainly not from those dead husks of the Protestant denominations!

God’s people are going to have to find another way.

Pray about it. Work for it.

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