Remember, To Regain

From the comments on Shanghai Municipal Police Colt 1908 in Competition:

Chubby Catfish

It’s probably safe to say you’re the first to use this gun in this kind of competition.

Richard Cranium

Believe it or not, shooting sports/competitions have drastically died off in the last 30-40 yrs. They actually taught marksmanship in public schools for competition shooting into the 70s. You’d be surprised, someone probably used this gun in some form of competitive match in the old days. I’m sure they did it differently back then, but same concept, a range, a gun, a shooter, & targets in some kind of organized fashion.


 @Richard Cranium  A friend of mine (who died in 2000) was an instructor at the Jungle Warfare School at Fort Sherman Panama, in the early 1960’s. He used to talk about taking his rifle with him to High School every day for practice. This was in Chicago in the 1950’s, although I couldn’t tell you what school. Interesting guy. I’m sad he’s gone.

Richard Cranium

 @51WCDodge  I was raised in extremely rural community. One of our classes was 4H & we would learn proper ways to dress & process different animals from rabbits to deer, from hogs to cattle, & we also had archery practice in the auto shop on Fridays. We didn’t have any firearm classes IN school, but the resource officer along with a fish & wildlife officer and our football coach (avid hunter/nra instructor) offered safety, certification, and training courses that were required by the state for anyone under 18 who wished to hunt/target shoot on any land that was not their own. I became quite fond of 20ga over under skeet competition by the time I was 12yrs old & placed 2nd in state youth category, 1 point behind a 17yr old who had been shooting competition for almost 8 years. I am thankful to this day that my father & grandfather raised me the way they did. Unfortunately I won’t be raising any of my own this way because I can’t justify bringing a life into this world with the destructive & vile path that we’re currently on. Bless you for raising your son & grandchildren with sense, hopefully it’ll catch on…

Richard Cranium

 @tarmaque  we regularly had shotguns or rifles in gun racks of vehicles where I went to school & this was in the late 90’s-early00’s. It was an extremely rural area & a number of us worked out IN the woods immediately after school, so it was a necessary tool just like my chainsaw. The only time they had a problem was when I’d forgotten to bring my lockbox & I didn’t want to leave my old revolver in my car bc I couldn’t secure it, i went to our resource officer, told him the situation & asked him to hold it for me until I left for work. He wasn’t happy, but respected how I handled situation, that I didn’t try to hide it, & that my main concern was safely keeping it out of the gaze/ hands of others.

Remember: you cannot regain your liberty, if you forgot that you ever had them in the first place.

Christians must think and plan for the long term, for their children.

As opposed to wailing about the Rapture, hoping to escape reality… and the reality of death.

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