Natural Selection: It’s Real, but Just Not Strong Enough

Natural selection is the only mechanism that even in principle could mimic the activity of an intelligent agent in creating anything of at least modest complexity and ingenuity. This conclusion is highlighted by the fact that speakers at the conference showcased every conceivable alternative mechanism that could potentially help fill the explanatory deficits of the SEM. But not one shred of evidence was presented that any of the extensions could perform any feat beyond such trivial tasks as increasing a plant’s height, changing the number of digits in an animal’s limb, or performing other slight modifications to preexisting traits. 

The current state of evolution can be compared to the crisis astronomy would face if physicists discovered that gravity stopped operating beyond 10,000 miles past a celestial body. The loss of the only feasible mechanism that could explain the motion of planets, stars, and galaxies would result in absolute pandemonium and despair. 

Most materialist biologists will not so easily come to terms with their true predicament since evolution operates not only as a scientific theory but as a sacrosanct creation narrative for secular society. Nevertheless, with natural selection off the table as a designer substitute, the only sensible interpretation that remains for the overwhelming evidence of design in biological systems is that life is the product of an actual designer (herehere).

Darrel Falk Downplays the Ramifications of the 2016 Royal Society Meeting
by Brian Miller

Natural selection really does exist: but it just isn’t powerful enough to change an amoeba to a dog, or a fleck of moss to a giant sequoia. It simply doesn’t have the power to pull it off, regardless of how many millions and billions of years you give it.

Moreover, Darwin’s hardcore racism and sexism increasingly matters more to the intelligentsia than his hatred of religion and divine law. It’s not that the Ruling Class is getting soft on Christianity – quite the contrary! – but the support of women and coloured people is just more important than their enmity against some powerless, cowering, irrelevant, dead religion.

Furthermore, Fuentes adds “Darwin portrayed Indigenous peoples of the Americas and Australia as less than Europeans in capacity and behavior. Peoples of the African continent were consistently referred to as cognitively depauperate, less capable, and of a lower rank than other races.”[3] Fuentes concludes that Darwin baselessly

asserted evolutionary differences between races. He went beyond simple racial rankings, offering justification of empire and colonialism, and genocide, through “survival of the fittest.” … In “Descent,” Darwin identified women as less capable than (White) men, often akin to the “lower races.” He described man as more courageous, energetic, inventive, and intelligent, invoking natural and sexual selection as justification, despite the lack of concrete data and biological assessment. His adamant assertions about the centrality of male agency and the passivity of the female in evolutionary processes, for humans and across the animal world, resonate with both Victorian and contemporary misogyny….. Darwin was a perceptive scientist whose views on race and sex should have been more influenced by data and his own lived experience. But Darwin’s racist and sexist beliefs, echoing the views of scientific colleagues and his society, were powerful mediators of his perception of reality.[4]

Darwin’s Racism Under Fire
by Jerry Bergman, Ph.D

Now, despite the best efforts of our Ruling Class (on the outside) and the Christian Religious Professionals (on the inside), Christianity is going to do rather well in the 21st century, and (I suspect) spectacularly well in the 22nd century…

…but not in the West (pre-Great Default), and especially not in Western Europe (no matter what, excluding outright cultural miracles).

Moving from Darwin
to the Darwin-Poisoned Western Nations1

I an rather confident that the Americas (excluding Quebec and the Northeast US) will get right with God after Great Default kicks in, and the fake-saviour nation state is bankrupted.

Quebec and the Northeast US – like Western Europe – will continue to despise God no matter what… and so will age out, dry up, and blow away, with outsiders people moving in and inheriting the land.

Just like Western Europe.

Now, if you watch the Prairie States closely, you will know that they are also aging out, regardless of their religiosity or lack thereof.

Pious words are one thing. An actually increasing population, composed of stable families grounded in compassion and a focus on the children, which respects the Laws of God, believes in the work ethic, and has hope for a better future, is something else again.

I think that there will be a low point hit, with a primarily religious core population setting the rock-bottom demographic floor and building up from there. But it can easily take two generations, or even more, before we hit that floor.

1The serpent spoke with Darwin’s mouth: “Dump God, and your race will dominate the world! And your race, alone, will determine what is right and what is wrong, without any misty-magic Divine oversight.”

So the Europeans dumped God, and bent the knee to their flawless genetics (i.e. themselves) as the True God of the World…

…and discovered, 150 years later, after their share of the population fell from 30% to 10% (and still falling), that Satan is a vicious liar.

Who knew? Certainly not the East Asians.

Black Africans had better learn the lesson, and fast: the flattering, fanged snake isn’t done killing yet.


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