The FED Against the Youth

From Economica: Declining Buyers/Renters, Increasing Housing Supply = Soaring Home Valuations (WTF???)

—<Quote begins>—


Year over year change in total population, employees. Long decelerating growth in the Northeast has turned to an outright declining population. The growth of the population is always a governor of the potential growth of those employed.

Year over year change in under versus over 60 year old population. On an annual basis, the Northeast under 60 year old population is now declining by about a half million, or equivalent to losing a city about the size of Baltimore annually. This working age depopulation reduces the quantity of potential employees, potential home buyers/renters while the quantity of elderly (potential home sellers) soars.

Northeast, putting it together.

  • declining total population
  • declining under 60 year old population (potential buyers) versus soaring elderly population (potential sellers)
  • large decline among employed (potential buyers/renters) and shrinking future quantity of potential employees
  • record low mortgage rates
  • accelerating building activity and rising number of total housing units
  • rising home prices

—<Quote ends>—

It’s much the same deal for the other regions of the US: but see the details of the survey here.

A declining population, fewer young people, more old people, and real estate prices ever-increasing, due to serious government and FED manipulation and rigging.

“Manipulation and rigging” expected, demanded, and defended by the older generations, by the way. Either implicitly or explicitly.

In the same way that any politician daring to attack medicare or social security guarantees is certain to either never get elected, or to fail re-election.

Sure, Our Leaders are intent on enslaving and crushing the future generation. But, they really are just following the commands of their peers: “Greatest Generation”, “Baby Boomer”, even “Generation X”, I am ashamed to say.

(I wonder how many gullible Millennials just follow the flow, going down the route marked for them by their malicious elders. It’s not as if any Christian bothered to teach them what was really going on…)

The old hate the young, and those they have not killed, will be put to work to prop up their own wealth. And crippled (see: COVID mania, and the destruction it has wrought on the youth) for the benefit and the protection of the older generation.

No secret conspiracy can succeed, without at least the implicit – and, more often than you think, the explicit – support of many, many people. Certainly a large minority, quite possibly the solid majority.

—<Quote begins>—

What is the Federal Reserve’s role in pushing housing prices higher? The Fed sets the federal funds rate (overnight basis of lending) which is the basis for the rest of the interest rate curve. The Fed’s ZIRP (zero interest rate policy) coupled with the Fed’s purchasing of US Treasury’s and mortgage backed securities has backstopped the housing market. What private entity would buy 30 year mortgages in places that are currently experiencing depopulation and will see large scale depopulation over the lifespan of that loan??? Despite the majority of America that is either seeing outright depopulation or depopulation among under 60 year old populations…demand for housing is soaring…just like the Fed’s holdings of MBS and long Treasury bonds.

The soaring housing demand is real but for all the wrong reasons. It is not really an inadequate supply of housing but an oversupply of liquidity with a shortage of potential assets from which to earn a “safe” return. Prior to 2008, retirees and those approaching retirement would tilt their portfolios toward bonds to lessen the volatility of “riskier” stocks. But with the Fed’s decade+ of ZIRP (artificially collapsing bond / CD rates), the soaring population of soon to be retired / those in retirement turned their gaze toward RE. Demand for 5%, 6%, 7% “safe” returns provided by being a landlord replaced bonds. Foreigners, speculators, flippers all followed the rising trend.
The Federal Reserve driven real estate wealth effect has homeowners believing they are sitting on real wealth as their home value soars and mortgage rates plummet. The Fed, just like Bernie Madoff, is running a Ponzi whereby homeowners believe themselves to be rich (think HELOC or reverse mortgage or MEW). The only difference between Madoff and the Fed is that the Fed can print all the dollars it wants (inflation be damned)…if/when need be, the Fed (or some tasked entity) is likely to begin buying up excess housing with money from its printing press (even if it’s only to demolish it). This will likely begin in rural states/areas all over America where the depopulation is most severe.

But the worst impacted by this Fed Ponzi are young adults. They have little to no assets (rising with the Fed’s flood of liquidity). They are drowning in soaring rents, predatory lending for education, costs of daycare, insurance, co-pays, and general inflation. They are getting more education, taking on more debt, and having less to show for it. This has resulted in a dramatic rise in the age of first marriages, collapsing fertility rates and births.

Essentially, the farther the Fed (and CB’s worldwide) go with its asset inflation scheme (the basis of the domestic and global inflation spike alongside an global shutdown/restart of production), the lower the future population sinks…and the more impactful and powerful the Fed becomes.

—<Quote ends>—

There is little or no possibility that the institutional churches (mainstream, evangelical, or Catholic) church will publicly – or even privately – denounce this evil. Decades, even centuries ago, they made their peace with the Evil One.

They can’t even get it together to even consistently denounce an obvious crime against the young, such as abortion or the transsexual movement (directly targeted to destroying the identity and reproductive ability of the under-20s). The clergy certainly will not whisper a word against a mere economic rape.

“We’ll keep our nose in our own business and our ever-shrinking ghettos, and let the Satanist rule everything else. Everyone who matters wins!”

The Eternal Retreat is all the institutional churches and seminaries are focused on. “Less displeasing suffering and risk of loss, more pleasing comfort and safety.”

But those Christians who intend to own the future, and have respect for God authority and His justice (and thus, His Law) are expected to make a different set of choices. Our elders and adults are expected to pay the price, so our children can grow strong, righteous, tough in the face of a hostile and hateful world, and expand the Kingdom of God… regardless of the might and power of the wicked.

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