On Crucified Armenian Girls

A quote from Quora: Someone photographed the crucified Armenian girls. Were any of them subsequently rescued or did they all die?

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Kosmas Aitolos, Loves History, Politics,Science ,Geography etc

There is no genuine photograph of crucified Armenian girls found or publicised so far. You are likely referring to a famous photo of naked ,long -haired Armenian girls crucified in a line along a hilltop. It is a still from a movie made in 1919 in the USA with the help of a female Armenian survivor.

It is however based on facts and it is even worse than shown in the photos. The truth was deemed so depraved and shocking that they chose to show crucifixion as an alternative to what really happened. In fact, the raped girls were impaled up their vaginas in long lines with stakes/mini crosses. If you know anything about impalement , you will know it is extremely slow and it takes days to die in torment and you are thirsty as hell.

Did the Turks crucify Armenians and other Christians? Yes, they did ,but we don’t have photos of it as of yet , but we do have eyewitness accounts from various people.

Did any survive? No, from memory there is no record of any surviving apart from Aurora ,mentioned below.Ravished Armenia – Wikipedia


UPDATE: I had no idea this post would be so looked at. Yes, the truth is very horrible and many including our own governments try to cover it up to allow “normalisation “ to occur. See what the West did with Kemalist Turkey in 1922 and even now with Erdogan.

Anyway,many have said I lie or I am mistaken. No I am not .

Below, just a few instances of the historically -proven depravity of the Turks and Moslems.They both had and have form. See Beheadings and rapes and murders of girls before their fathers’ eyes in Cyprus 1974. All in UN documents.Athanasios Diakos – Wikipedia

Above :A deacon(priest) / general fighting for Greek freedom = Impaled.The Battle of Lepanto: When Turks Skinned Christians Alive for Refusing Islam 

Above: Bragadin the General, in Cyprus ,promised safety for himself and his people. They lied to him = Skinned him alive and stuffed him with straw.Dionysios Skylosophos – Wikipedia

Another preacher /philosopher/ freedom fighter= skinned alive and his skin filled with straw. Named ‘skylosophos ‘by the Turks and their collaborators as ‘ skylo ‘ means a dog in Greek. Ie Dionysus the Dog Philosopher . They were laughing at him and demeaning him as the dog is an unclean /cursed animal in Islam.

Below : Metropolitan Chrysostomos of Smyrna. 1922. Able to escape as the Catholic Archbishop gave him space to flee on a ferryboat if he wanted. Chose to stay to protect his people. Sentenced to Crucifixion by a summary court , he was actually hijacked on the way to execution by the Turkish rabble. They cut off his ears, nose, tongue, two hands and put out both his eyes with bayonets whilst still alive. To add insult to injury they chopped off his head and stuck it on his crutch and paraded it around the town . Has this ever been done to a Moslem leader in Europe within living memory? I think not…

If the Turks did the above to notables why is it so hard to believe that the irregulars and rabble did the same or worse to the above village girls ?Bashi-bazouk – Wikipedia

The truth is always there for those who want to find it…

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