Does Affirmative Action Help Health?

Quote from The ‘kill whites’ psychiatrist and the high price of wokeness in medicine by Kurt Mahlburg

—<Quote begins>—

The case of Dr Norman Wang makes this abundantly clear. Dr Wang is a cardiologist from the University of Pittsburgh who published a paper in the Journal of the American Heart Association (JAHA). His conclusion, after analysing 50 years of data, is that affirmative action and “diversity” initiatives have neither improved patient outcomes nor increased the participation rate of black and Hispanic clinicians in the field of cardiology. On this basis, he argued in his paper that race-neutral policies were the way forward for medicine.

Herzog recounts that at first, Dr Wang’s paper passed largely unnoticed. “But four months after it was published, screenshots of the paper began circulating on Twitter and others in the field began accusing Wang of racism,” she explains. In a classic case of cancel culture, an online mob formed — led by medical professionals — using the hashtag #RetractRacists.

The editor in chief of JAHA ultimately retracted Dr Wang’s piece and issued an apology. But it went even further. The American Heart Association (AHA), which publishes the journal, denounced Dr Wang’s paper in a statement. AHA’s accompanying tweet said that the work of Dr. Wang

does NOT represent AHA values. JAHA is editorially independent but that’s no excuse. We’ll investigate. We’ll do better. We’re invested in helping to build a diverse health care and research community.

Herzog searched out how frequently JAHA has retracted research in the past. She found that it had only occurred in one other case: a paper written in 2019 that linked heart attacks to vaping, where the findings were ultimately exposed as in error. In the case of Dr. Wang’s research, no such errors were found. AHA simply denounced “the views expressed in the article” as “contrary to our organisation’s core values and historic commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in medicine”.

As MercatorNet’s editor Michael Cook rightly observes, “in the world of medicine, the ability to speak truthfully is quite literally a matter of life and death.” We can whinge about wokeness in many corners of society, but in medicine, it may well end up costing lives far beyond Dr Khilanani’s delusional fantasies.

—<Quote ends>—

The core question for the Woke Medical Mob isn’t

  • “Does this set of government practices and programs actually create the desired results for the Black & Hispanic population?”

The question is

  • “How can we cut off this threat to our financial well-being, and keep the government money flowing?”

This corrupt nonsense isn’t going to end, until the Great Default kicks in and the Flow of Free Stuff to entitled professionals within the medical guild – “The Priesthood who Speak for the Sacred Victims” – ends.

(If you have a suspicion that, for every dollar that goes to a Victim, three dollars go to the Loving Friends of the Victim with a Really Nice House1… you are on the right track.)

As for the Victims? If they were wise, they would no more trust the Smiling Progressive than trust the Smiling Conservative. It was assorted progressive-led segregation policies that systematically put the boots to Black wealth for most of the American Century2 (as described in The Color of Law) and their eagerness to leverage the poor for their own gain – financial and social – continues today.

The Ruling Class isn’t Conservative, after all. It’s Leftist-Liberal, with a useful Conservative echo chamber to say soothing words when the leftist-corporate-statist power structure gets some resistance.

The Body of Christ needs to build up the poor, so they can and do stand on their own two feet, and can help each other out freely, without requiring the Compassionate Care and Concern of Our Betters.

When they are free and able to stand tall with their own people, then we will be free too.

1There is a saying: “Where are the client’s yachts?” Poor black people might want to start nosing around, and uncover the fine lifestyle the Community Organizers enjoy, while the poor blacks stay right where they are, in the ghettos.

2At the time when the US generated the most wealth for the most people – from 1865 to 1965 – Black Americans were systematically and quite deliberately excluded from building any wealth themselves. Sporadically and temperamentally by the lower class conservatives, and systematically and comprehensively by the Ruling Class progressives.

From 1973, US wealth generation has been hammered, by the destruction of the gold standard (opening the door to financial rapes of the common folk by the politically connected people) and by the methodical murder of the future, be it explicitly so with abortion, or with pro-sterility, anti-family policies with divorce and sodomy… and ever-more onerous educational and legal requirements needed for young people to get a steady job and get a family going.

“The more crippled the Young people are, the safer the Elders are.”

As can be easily proven with a four-year university education being of less worth than leaving school at grade eight in 1910. Throw in the union and guild requirements too, and the rampant injustice today is obvious.

Leading to the rampant judgement tomorrow.
(And today, in many ways!)

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