1) The Revolt of the Public: An Interview 2) Spadework, Again

If a tiny minority of the millions of people who are in revolt are unwilling to do the work necessary to create an alternative educational system, worldview by worldview, then the establishment will maintain control.

If a tiny minority of the pro-Trump Republicans do not get involved in local politics, then the establishment will maintain control.

The CFR/NWO/Davos establishment prevails because the vast majority of the voters around the world have long found it too expensive to mobilize against it. Now they can mobilize against it. What they cannot do free of charge is this: provide institutional and ideological alternatives to the establishment.

Here are the two rules: (1) You can’t beat something with nothing; (2) there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Talk is cheap. Grousing is cheap. Dreams of political revenge are cheap. The elite within each revolting faction must now put their money where their mouths are. More important, they must now put their time where their mouths are.

Gary North, The Greatest Election Outcome Since 1924, If . . .

I can’t speak for the pro-Trump people.

But I can say a few words for believing Christians: we need to get to work.

Building a Godly civilization is not cheap. It is not for free. It has a price, in time and money, and perhaps pain and loss of face in an explicitly anti-Christian society.

But the goal, the victory, winning the future…. that is definitely worth the price.

One useful tool from North, on a page open to the general public:
Video: My Lecture on How to Protect Christian College Students from Being Picked Off


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