Democratic Stenographers

No wonder Pulitzer-Prize-winning investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald calls the legacy media “stenographers for the state.” Press coverage of Biden isn’t just soft. It’s the least critical of any president in the past three decades, according to a study by nonpartisan think tank Pew Research Center.

Most of the media will sleep through the Biden years
by Mark Grabowski

Actually, Glenn Greenwald is largely incorrect. After all, Trump was the one in charge of the US Government as President, and the mainstream press was quite hostile to him.

It’s far more correct to consider the mainstream press as Democratic stenographers.1

At times, the Biden administration has been downright hostile to press freedom. Biden continued Trump’s effort to obtain email logs of New York Times reporters to identify their sources. Biden limited media access to border facilities. Journalists must get approval before publishing quotes from Biden officials.  When Biden’s deputy press secretary T.J. Ducklo allegedly made “derogatory and misogynistic comments” to a reporter and threatened to “destroy” her, Biden merely suspended him for a week before he voluntarily resigned following public pressure.

Despite this abuse, journalists’ favoritism can be seen everywhere from how things are covered, what gets covered, and what doesn’t.

The press doesn’t hold Biden accountable. The Associated Press and Politico both ordered reporters not to describe the Mexican border situation as a “crisis,” although Biden himself used the term. And, unlike with Trump, there’s been little media outrage that children remain in cages or that Biden told migrants they’re not welcome here.

Journalists ignore Biden’s blunders. When Biden tripped three times ascending the stairs of Air Force One, major media outlets largely disregarded it. But when Trump slowly walked down a slippery ramp, the media had a feeding frenzy and questioned his health.

The media exaggerate Biden’s popularity. A CBS News poll claimed 85% of viewers approved of Biden’s State of the Union speech, but the annual address this year had the smallest audience in decades, and fact-checkers revealed pollsters significantly oversampled Biden supporters.

Defenders of these double standards argue Trump merited tougher coverage. But that doesn’t explain why journalists have gone so easy on Biden. He’s received less negative coverage in the early going than former Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush, both of whom had higher approval ratings during the same period, and former President Bill Clinton, who presided during an incredibly prosperous time.

Most of the media will sleep through the Biden years
by Mark Grabowski

It’s interesting, that the mainstream press is far more interested in fawning over Biden et al than in protecting their own profession.

They are openly become what they have always wanted to be: well-paid progressive propagandists, with acceptance in the right circles. Nothing more.

Recall it was the Washington Post that adopted the slogan “democracy dies in darkness” during Trump’s term. But now the paper and its Beltway brethren are turning the lights off.

Most of the media will sleep through the Biden years
by Mark Grabowski

By 2024, the lights will be off in every mainstream newsroom in the United States.

However, they are not going to get the one-party state they want. The reach and income of the mainstream press continues to decline, and there is no single clear successor for the Better Sort to buy off and corrupt.

They can sleep. We must work.

I recommend local work – religious and anti-poverty, social and small business, and (when everything else is done) political – by the way for Christians: county, town, neighbourhood. If we do well, perhaps some fourth- and third-tier cities by 2030 will be governed by Christian mores, maybe even a low-population state by 2040.

“Politics fourth.” Strengthening the community, insuring that all can freely gain employment, that the poor and the orphans and the widows are going well, and raising the children in the admonition of the Lord, suppressing theft and fraud murder: all these comes before politics.

It’s going to take a generation or three (and a Great Default of the welfare-warfare state!) to turn this ship around. There just isn’t any shortcut to make things faster. But if we work hard for the next two generations or so, the Body of Christ will be in a decent position before the end of this century.

Then, we can finally grow to where we should have been by 1950 or so2, and be the worthy servants God expects us to be.

1It’s a toss-up on whether the press should be seen as Democratic first, or Progressive first. I would argue Democratic-first, as the press is more interested in giving pleasure to power than in ideological purity among the Elite.

It is power and money that matters to the press: ideology is just a tool to separate Us from Them. If the powerful people ignore it, so what? Those of us of a certain age would do well to remember Clinton, his Bimbo explosions, and how eagerly the feminists of the era defended him.

“Gotta keep those abortions coming!”

The Commoners, of course, are expected to Submit and Obey to whatever Progressive dikat crops up, right now. No excuses.

2Can you imagine what would have happened if the Europeans of 1850 turned away from Darwinism, racism, war, statism, lawless atheism, and Imperialism? If they put their energies to the conversion of the Middle East, India, Indonesia, and China?

Or if the Americans took the invention of the cotton gin as a great reason for the ending of the import of slaves, and extend the Rule of Biblical Law to cover everyone – White and Black and Red and Yellow, lives and liberty and property?

I can tell you this: the Christian EuroAmericans would be far wealthier by 1950, far more respected, and would have a good shot at being half the population of Earth.

Being of a sci-fi turn of mind, I would argue that by 2050 the Europeans would have had to turn the Sahara green to feed their population as well, and massive ocean-based aquafarms would have to have been developed. Of course there would be a series of space colonies in near-earth orbit, and probably on the Moon and Mars as well: continued population expansion would have to be up there, even if the earth can hold a population of a few trillion or so.

The joy of dominating the Inferiors would be missing, but there is something to be said for having lots of healthy, morally upright, prosperous children and grandchildren. Instead of wiping out your future with wars and abortions and perversity.

Europe can never get that future back, and China had already destroyed her future: but, just maybe, a repentant America (of all races) can regain our Biblical Birthright.

It’s worth fighting for.

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