China’s Youth Learns to Lie Flat

From South China Morning Post:

Why China’s youth are ‘lying flat’ in protest of their bleak economic prospects

* Young Chinese fed up with gruelling work hours, conspicuous consumption and skyrocketing house prices are protesting by doing the bare minimum

* The social resistance movement called ‘lying flat’ is worrying authorities, who see it as a potential threat to China’s dream of national rejuvenation

Why China’s youth are ‘lying flat’ in protest of their bleak economic prospecTS
He Huifeng in Guangdong and Tracy Qu

From the body of the article:

The movement’s roots can be traced back to an obscure internet post called “lying flat is justice”, in which a user called Kind-Hearted Traveller combined references to Greek philosophers with his experience living on 200 yuan (US$31) a month, two meals a day and not working for two years.

“I can just sleep in my barrel enjoying a sunbath like Diogenes, or live in a cave like Heraclitus and think about ‘Logos’,” the person wrote.

“Since there has never really been a trend of thought that exalts human subjectivity in this land, I can create it for myself. Lying down is my wise man movement.”

According to the anonymous poster, this humble existence left them physically healthy and mentally free.

Although the original post has been scrubbed from the internet by censors, copies have spread quickly online, sparking lively discussion and videos that have garnered millions of views each.

Why China’s youth are ‘lying flat’ in protest of their bleak economic prospects
He Huifeng in Guangdong and Tracy Qu

China without a work ethic is just another rapidly aging Second World society.

Worse, actually.

“Whip the slaves, give them nothing, they will give up.”

Side note: In China, it’s a lot safer for locals to talk about Diogenes or Heraclitus, than about Jesus or Moses.

So, surprise surprise, people and governments get what they encourage.

It should be understood that Our Betters in the West have much the same plan for Western young people: “You pay. We prosper.”

But Christian parents can guide and support their children, in effectively spoiling the plans of their enemies.


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