Trust the (Chinese) Science

From Uncommon Decent, Why trust in “science” is becoming unwise

—<Quote begins>—

And now, from the “really compromised” department:

Allegations swirl that it was not down to editorial misjudgement, but something more sinister: a desire to appease China for commercial reasons. The Financial Times revealed four years ago that debt-laden Springer Nature, the German group that publishes Nature, was blocking access in China to hundreds of academic articles mentioning subjects deemed sensitive by Beijing such as Hong Kong, Taiwan or Tibet. China is also spending lavishly around the world to win supremacy in science — which includes becoming the biggest national sponsor of open access journals published by both Springer Nature and Elsevier, owner of The Lancet.

One source estimated that 49 sponsorship agreements between Springer Nature and Chinese institutions were worth at least $10m last year. These deals cover the publishing fees authors would normally pay in such journals, so they smooth the path for Chinese authors while creating a dependency culture.

Ian Birrell, “Beijing’s useful idiots” at Unherd

So articles are free if China likes them but not even available if China doesn’t like them?

Anyone remember the March for Science? This stuff will not end well for “Trust the science.”

See also: What will the long-term effect be of science journals playing useful idiots around COVID-19? Some of us have been reflecting on the effect of the COVID-19 panic on the public estimation of science. Here’s an article on the “useful idiot” problem among science journals.

—<Quote ends>—

These people are a joke.

A ‘bough-and-paid-for’ joke.

I wonder whose going the laughing…


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