Visual Truths

Quota: Why did Che Guevara end up on so many tee shirts?

Stephen Dutton, former Funds Platform Specialist / IPS at UBS (2008-2012)

Because communists, socialists, cowards, rapists and idiotic students think that this:

is the kind of hero that will rescue them from inequality.

Congratulations – students; you’ve been supporting a war criminal…

So, my question is, why did I have to wait till 2021 before a tiny facet of the real Che Guevara showed up?

Why hasn’t t-shirts with THIS image been printed up and sold in every Conservative College club, church, and business centre in the country? I haven’t seen a t-shirt with this image found in any Republican office: have you?

Why not?

Answer? Because the Conservatives (and Libertarians, and Christians) don’t really care, and they don’t really want to win. They just want to be nice, and present a calm and pretty image.

One side plays by the Marquess of Queensberry rules. The other side plays to win.

I hear things are very calm and peaceful in the mass graves.

And the tragedy is, there is no need to lie, steal, and kill in order for the good guys to win.

The spine to say the truth, and not knuckle under lies, is surprisingly effective at deflating the pretensions and fantasies of the wicked.

Just get rid of the delusion of “being nice will save us.”

It won’t.

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