1) Revival as a Matter for Church People 2) Relativism & Pragmatism as the Road to Defeat

It is a modern heresy to believe that revival is a matter of the Church people. It is a partial, limited preaching of the Word. Through revival, through reformation, preach to Church and State and recalls both to the whole Word of God and calls for the re-establishment of the sovereignty of God in every realm. If God is totally God, and He is sovereign, then he totally governs every area of life, not only the Church and the individual believer, but the State and the schools and every other area of life. If the State can be secular, then why not the Church? God is not completely God; He is only a partial god and we should not worship him. A God who is called to be only the god of souls and of the Church is a half-god and should be rejected.

But the God of scripture is totally God; He is sovereign. His Law requires that every knee and every tongue in every domain shall bow to Him and swear to Him (Isaiah 45:23). And those who read it as something that applies after the end of history or after the Second Coming are wrong, because ‘shall swear’ means ‘shall take the oath in a court of law’ in terms of Him. That’s the meaning. In other words, God’s Law, the law that was given to Moses must prevail and shall prevail in every nation. Every tongue shall swear by me, says the Lord. Every court of law shall acknowledge me and my law.

The Ninth Commandment
Dr. R.J. Rushdoony

Emotional surges and religious manias come and go.

Actual revival demands actual justice….

Well, let’s take China as it was before the Marxist Revolution. It had at least 1500 years, probably closer to 2000 years of Humanism of which there was no absolute standard. What, therefore, was their concept of justice? Once a few months ago, I cited an illustration that I was told by a missionary. Remember that, that illustration of the missionary, who, living in a small community in rural China, had two cows. His Chinese neighbor had one cow, very sickly, diseased cow. And he and the neighbor, his son and the neighbor’s son were outside playing and they picked up pebbles and they threw them at the neighbor’s cow. They didn’t bother the cow; he didn’t even bother to stop chewing grass, but later in the day he died. Not unexpectedly; he was very sick and fairly diseased. So the Chinese neighbor filed suit in the Chinese court against the missionary and the missionary lost. And when a judgment was rendered, he complained. And he said, everybody knew, could tell, that cow was sick, it was diseased, it was going to die. Those little pebbles my boy threw couldn’t have hurt the cow. Where’s the justice in all this? And they said: “But our decision is just. You have two cows and he has none, so now you each have a cow.” Pure Humanism, you see. Now what chance does he have in a court like that? Justice means a Humanist consideration, and of course with Marxism it’s no different.

Now this has been the law in Asia—purely Humanistic. It’s no wonder they are more congenial to Marxism, even though they don’t like it when it abuses them, than they are to anything that Christianity has to offer. And this is why Deweysim and Progressivism were so popular in Asia and in China especially prior to the Revolution. After all, pragmatism was no different than their philosophy of total relativism.


Yes. A very interesting observation. Why has Chinese civilization lasted the last 2000 years when it’s been Relativistic? And the answer to that is, it has not. It has been conquered over and over and over again by outsiders. Because, when you are Humanistic, you have no standard of value to give you a concept of law or of progress. So it’s been just a fat prize for one invader after another to enter in and overthrow them and take over. Then in three or four generations, the invaders, whether it was Kublai Khan, {?} Genghis Khan, Kublai Khan, the Mongols, or the Manchus, the last conquerors, they in turn ore overthrown, because once they imbibe this philosophy of China, they themselves become stagnant and stale. So the history of China has been a history of successive conquest by all the border people. Then the border people, not having this radical relativism, carried China forward to a new height, and by the time they imbibed the philosophy, they’d disintegrate and somebody else moves in.

The Ninth Commandment
Dr. R.J. Rushdoony

…while the destruction of justice leads to the destruction of wealth, and the future.

Even of the entire nation.

Christians — in America, or China, or Egypt, or the Congo — must work to push their nations in the direction of life, and not death.

Revival songs are not enough: a serious regard for justice is demanded.

Anything else is just a fancy tomb, for a man, a family, a church, and a nation.

Very good observation. The judges were, until not too long ago, representatives of God and His Law. As late as the 1890s, the Supreme Court of the United States declared that this was a Christian nation and that Christianity was the common law of the land. The judges therefore, represented that law.

Now of course, the judges are totally Humanistic, but they still take the attitude that somehow they are representatives of God and nobody dare question them. So they’ve gotten holier-than-thou in the process of abandoning God and are bent on playing God, having denied God. ‘Course, an ironic fact is they’re still garbed as ministers of God—the black robe of the priest. You see, in the Middle Ages, they set forth the ministerial major of both the teacher and of the judge, they both wore black. Today when the judge’s gown that’s a relic of the fact that he once represented God, the Supreme Court is still always gowned. Local judges are not. But the Supreme Court is witnessing against itself. The judges come there with their robes, indicating they are ministers of the Word, of justice, when they are not. Anytime anyone graduates from college, he wears a cap and a gown, the gown signifying that now he has attained a ministerial role to minister God’s Word in a particular area of life. And he lies when he puts that on, because he does not.

The Ninth Commandment
Dr. R.J. Rushdoony

Stealing God’s authority to set themselves up as God… that kind of trick won’t hold up in the long run.

Not for judges. Not for professors. Not even for doctors.

The truth will out… and he’s carrying a baseball bat.

Best be humble and on God’s side, when things get ugly. God’s wrath knows the difference between the people who speak the truth, and the people of the lie.

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