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Despite the Progressive vibe, there is quite a bit to respect regarding Solarpunk: a focus on local solutions, a friendliness to the environment, and a respect for community. Most importantly, there is a hopefulness that is quite attractive.

So long as the focus stays local and anti-authoritarian, it can’t go too far wrong.

I’ll stay away from the post-capitalistic view, as I still insist on a distinction between my stuff and your stuff: stealing is wrong, and stealing impoverishes society. “Stealing by majority vote” undermines the rule of law, equality before the law, and the liberty all need to build their own future.

That being said, I recognize that there is more than one way to steal, and it is wise to be as suspicious of the corporations as of the state – and the major banks/central banking cartel, for that matter. (See: Why Big Business is Helping the Regime)

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Christians would be wise to listen carefully to the Solarpunk people. Even if you don’t care about global warming — I certainly see it as a ploy to centralize power in the hands of Our Betters — it is still commanded that we care for and conserve our environment, to build and nurture it.

The Solarpunk focus on localism, as well as the anti-state and anti-authoritarianism beliefs, is light years in advance of the ideas of most Conservative Christians in the West.

There is an anti-capitalist vibe that is to be rejected: as I wrote above, stealing is wrong. But a deep distrust of corporate power, corporate media, and the major banks/central banks is definitely the right way to go.

The key point, though, is the hopefulness and optimism of Solarpunk. That is THE lesson for Western Christians to learn here.

(See “Postmillennialism” for details)

And so long as we remain fearful of the future, hoping for a Rapture, longing for a Powerful Political Leader to Protect Us, and refuse to repent, change our behaviour, and accept responsibility to change our local region where we and our neighbours live?

We will continue to fail, continue to despair, and continue to be dismissed.

What we should have gained, may well be given to locally-focus anti-authoritarian Progressives for a season, because of our perverse attachment to some dead-as-dust past.

God’s work WILL be done: and if we refuse to do it, God will simply give the nod to pagans who will do the work.

(Well… at least for a generation or so, until the sterility and logical outcome of the Sexual Revolution washes them away. All of the Commandments are to be upheld, not just the ones we like.)

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