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From The Truth About the ‘Vaccine’ by From an American Expat in Austria.

—<Quote begins>—

Until I receive some fully documented information concerning the above that is backed up by solid scientific data as well as evidence of long-term testing (which is not possible, as “covid19” is allegedly entirely “novel”, having only secured its “identity” in 2020 — ??), I will continue to believe all the extremely credible information coming from reputable virologists, epidemiologists, doctors and others in science and the medical professions that ALL OF THE COVID VACCINES ARE THUS FAR INEFFECTIVE AND UNSAFE. (These also are people with whom there is no “conflict of interest”.)

The manufacturers of the vaccines have themselves stated that their vaccines will NOT prevent you from getting “covid19” and also will NOT prevent you or anyone else from transmitting “covid19”.

Hence, your insistence that everything will be safe once everyone gets vaccinated belongs to the realm of fairytale, or some kind of irrational hope mixed in with unreliable (and deliberately false) information that you have received from your radio, your newspapers, your doctor. (Since when is radio the most reliable place to get information about your health or serious science? And who decides what information gets put into your radio programming? Who controls your doctor in a “national health” system? Who owns and controls your newspapers?)

Also, it is a statistical FACT that the new covid cases are absolutely the highest in all the places where the higher percentages of people have gotten both vaccines. Moreover, many, many, MANY people who have gotten “covid19” in recent weeks/months are fully vaccinated. This is a fact.

And, incidentally, this — I just found out that a woman I know who is an eye doctor in Graz and who never had any heart problems or any heart related problems got both 2covid19” vaccines a couple of months ago. And guess what??? This woman who isin in her early-50s and who never had heart problems or heart-related problems just had a heart attack. (Hmmm . . . just a “coincidence,” no???)

And guess what else?? One of the main ADVERSE REACTIONS to “covid19” vaccines are heart and blood circulation problems and recently a major scientific institution (the famous Salk Institute in the USA) has come out with a study providing very credible evidence that “covid19” is a VASCULAR and not a RESPIRATORY disease. Many of the adverse reactions are: (1) Heart failure or at minimum heart inflammation, (2) blood clots and (3) a range of other blood circulation problems.

As of this moment more than 10,000 people in the EU have died as a result of getting the “covid19” vaccine. But this is an extremely conservative estimate, and it is probably at minimum double this amount and probably much more. In the USA more than 5,000 people have “officially” died from getting the “covid19” vaccine and many reputable people in the medical profession as well as highly respected virologists and infectious disease specialists are saying that it is more likely that anywhere from 50,000 to ½ million people are likely to have died in the USA thus far from getting “covid19” vaccines.

Have you seen any of the videos of real people (of which there are many, many, many) shaking uncontrollably (and whose shaking does not stop) or suffering greatly in a myriad of other ways following the injection of artificial and extremely harmful chemicals into their once natural bodies?

In addition to the above, millions of people all over the world now have serious and extremely debilitating problems due to getting the “covid19” vaccine. Most of these people will likely never be the same in their post-vaccine lives. Many once relatively contented lives are now destroyed forever.

—<Quote end>—

I do not like what Our Betters have done.


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