Filling the Empty Suits

Claire Sterling, in Octopus (1990), gives an excellent report on the global narcotics trade and the controlling criminal group. She tells of one undercover detective who infiltrated this international group, learning of a federal judge who was bought off by an international figure in the narcotics trade, and was then rewarded with a better position (p. 32). The detective’s work should have led to an explosive exposure and imprisonment of key criminals. Instead, it led to nothing. Much of this was due to the unwillingness of the important and unimportant to act. The detective’s conclusion was that there were too many “empty suits,” too many people in high places and low who wanted no risks, nor hard stands, no uncompromising positions, nothing that might in the slightest endanger their comfortable positions. He recognized that the world was full of “empty suits.”

I was reminded of a pastor who almost twenty years ago concluded that, where a truly Christian stand was necessary, the United States had 30,000 empty pulpits. Again, a professor made an obvious moral stand and was fired illegally and could not afford the legal process of appeal; the rest of the faculty in the main believed he was right, and told him so, but they dared not make a stand.

We live in a world of “empty suits.” This has happened before, with ugly results, and it will be no better this time. Men are everywhere refusing to be men. This may be one reason for the rise in feminism.

“Empty Suits”
By R. J. Rushdoony

If men will not sacrifice for truth and justice, feminism will prove (has proven) to be a very weak reed, and the pervasive spread of corruption, lies, perversion, and evil will continue until the comfortable positions are burnt to the ground by God Himself.

More than one wealthy, safe, and secure Temple has been charred to a crisp in history, after all.

There must be repentance among God’s men, if there is going to be a change in the real world.

Repentance… and a willingness to sacrifice for victory.
Victory on earth, as well as in heaven.

Without faith in God, men become no more than “empty suits.” As moral courage recedes from our world, so too does justice. Justice means the administration of law honestly, to mete out the requirements of God’s law without fear and favor to anything but the truth, and to set forth God’s standard as against man’s sin. But without God, justice becomes an empty, changing, and meaningless concept. Marx held that justice is a class concept, not an unchanging truth. Justice is too often in the courtroom and the jury room a matter of social prejudices and ugly hostilities rather than godly judgment.

By R. J. Rushdoony

We are well along that road today. But what can you expect, where God’s Law is deeply hated by the solid majority of Christians?

The Progressives, following Marx, are more than happy to put in their substitute, where the Right Sort of People (however defined) have the right to not be offended and challenged or their feelings hurt, and the Wrong Sort of People (however defined) get the right to Obey Their Betters.

There is no neutrality: uphold the Law of God – at all times, even when it costs you – or be ruled by those who hate you.

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