Science Fiction, Without the Science

(A copy-paste from the other blog)

Tom Woods: Small detail your friends left out about mask study

—<Quote begins>—

I’ll bet you think they looked at schools with masks and schools without masks and drew a conclusion.


Two Duke scholars examined a bunch of masked schools, found transmission to be low, and credited masks.

They said that all the quarantining and social distancing had been a waste — good so far, so I appreciate them to some extent — because masks alone had been so effective (an unsupported assertion).

And they even admit:

“We don’t have data from within North Carolina…in school in K-12, what happens when children are not masked.”

But this is the kind of “study” your friends trot out to prove to you how effective masks (or whatever other alleged mitigation measure they want to vindicate) are.


Don’t take their word for anything.

Check everything.

I’m sure you’ve figured out that lesson already, but it can’t hurt to be reminded.

—<Quote ends>—

Today’s scientists are turning into a massive ethical disappointment.

This has real life consequences: for one thing, you simply cannot trust the white smock priesthood with anything, no more than you can trust the black cassock priesthood.

(Or the integrity of the accountants, or the corporate rating agencies, for that matter. Remember the Great Financial Crisis?)

Everything Our Betters say must be checked; nothing they say can be trusted just on their word.

The most important thing that we need to accept about this whole COVID-19 era is that so much of the information we are being flooded with is based on nothing at all. The track record of the ruling class in “stopping the spread” could not be any worse. The vast majority of the problems and the corresponding “solutions” to these problems have no basis in science and/or reason. Dig deep enough into these issues and you’ll find yourself scrambling to find how exactly the “expert” class came to adopt these supposed virus defeating strategies. Sometimes, the “consensus” comes from shoddy academic modeling or recommendations from totalitarian regimes. Other times, “The Science” comes from politically correct, woke ideologues in “elite” academic institutions who don’t even have as much as a junk model to base their findings on. 


And the facts support the reality that their proposals and commands have been based on nothing from day one. From lockdowns to masks to six foot social distancing to vaccine passports and the like, every strategy imposed on us by the people in charge has done nothing whatsoever to mitigate the virus problem. The ruling class in the United States and the greater Western world has become a blend of an incompetent ideological idiocracy coupled with lying, rudderless, power-hungry sociopaths. These people have not earned our trust, they have only earned our disdain.


…during the COVID-19 era, the people in charge have consistently been acting in bad faith in pursuit of their incredible power grab. It’s much healthier, in this day and age, to simply assume the powers that be are lying to us.

The COVID-19 era taught us: Don’t trust, verify
Bad faith leaders demand trustless solutions.
Jordan Schachtel

Science without integrity, with a focus on politics and power and a cavalier attitude to reality-as-it-is, cannot lead to any future worth talking about or dreaming of.

I don’t think science will always be corrupt and a tool of wealth and the expansion of State Power. But freeing science from her slave chains is going to be expensive and painful, and involve lots and lots of budget cuts, extensive de-funding, and a great fall in public esteem, respect, and authority.

That day is coming.

And… after the financial failure of the government gravy train?

Lots and lots of small, part-time researchers in their sheds, networking on the ‘Net.

Hopefully, there’s still be a fair number of competent engineers with regular government contracts, to keep the sewers running, the roads intact, and the power grid up.

(Perhaps not Harvard-trained: infrastructure support needs competence, not affirmative action!)

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