Europe: Same-Sex Marriage Support

Remember all that loathing of the Law, from Calvin and Luther?


My thinking is not shaped by the opinion polls, as reality is not shaped by the opinion pools. But many people’s opinions are tied to what their fellows think: safety in the crowd and all that.

(Keeping your job matters too, for many people.)

And opinions don’t pop into the air from nowhere. They have roots, and origins, and precursors.

And, when you dig deeply enough, you’ll find plenty of the roots supporting same-sex marriage comes from the (rapidly withering) Christian churches in the region, dutifully following the leading agnostic/atheistic thinkers of the era.

There’s safety in following the powerful men…

…as Luther and Calvin would advise, rooting for the powerful men as they crush the latest peasant’s rebellion.

“You reap what you sow.”

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