Irresistible Blessings, Inescapable Curses

Speaking in reference to Deuteronomy 27:15 – 28:19,
Rushdoony states in Promises of Law: Curses and Blessings

—<Quote begins>—

Obedience to God’s Law is an act of faith that God is faithful and will bless His people. Now David was echoing these beatitudes when he said in Psalm 37:9-11, for evildoers shall be cut off, but those that wait upon the Lord, they shall inherit the earth. For yet a little while and the wicked shall not be. Yea, thou shalt diligently consider his place, and it shall not be. But the meek shall inherit the earth and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace. The Law, in other words, is the way to a rich life on earth. There’s no promise of any prosperity apart from the Law. Our Lord also echoed these beatitudes of Deuteronomy and David when he said, blessed are the meek, that is, the tamed of God, those who obey God, for they shall inherit the earth.

On the other hand, lawlessness opens up curses. It opens up the way to defeat and to death. Even as it did in the beginning with Adam and Eve. Faith without works, in every age, is dead.

Now it is significant that Hale and {?}, two of the greatest of the Old Testament commentators, in the third volume of their commentary of the law, have said, and I quote. “The blessings are represented as actual powers which follow the footsteps of the nation and overtake it.” Unquote. This is a very pointed and accurate statement. In other words, the blessings, and the curses as well, are declared by God to be something that overtakes and overwhelms a people.

Now this is an extremely important fact. The word of God teaches the doctrine of irresistible grace. What does irresistible grace mean? Irresistible grace means that our salvation is entirely of God. That we cannot save ourselves, it’s God’s doing, we receive it by faith. So that our salvation is the sovereign predestinating work of God. And the fact that we are here and we rejoice in God’s Word, and we desire to know more of it, proves that we are the called of God. The ones whom He has chosen. And we respond to His Word. Grace is sovereign and irresistible.

Now what our Scripture is telling us in Deuteronomy 28 is that the blessings of God are also irresistible as well as His curses. That where there is obedience by a people, blessings are irresistible. They shall pursue and overtake you. This is what our Scripture tells you. The blessings and curses for obedience and disobedience are irresistible. We cannot escape them. Now the blessings and the curses are not smorgasbord blessings and curses. In other words, we don’t say, when we obey God, now Lord, I believe in you and I’ve obeyed you, I’d like to choose my blessing. I’d like to have money as my blessing, or, I’d like to have four boys as my blessing. It isn’t a smorgasbord blessing. Just as it is a sovereign act of God and irresistible, it is His sovereign choice. But the blessing is real, and it is impossible to interpret Deuteronomy 28 any other way than in terms of this. It teaches a doctrine of irresistible blessing and cursing, in terms of the obedience of faith and disobedience.

—<Quote ends>—

The material blessings on those nations that follow the Law will catch up with and overtake that nation.

The material curses on those nations that hate the Law will catch up with and overtake that nation.

This is also true of individuals, but not as strongly or as predictably. Numerous Christians have suffered in this life, and as the life of Job (or the apostles, for that matter) demonstrates, there is no biblical guarantee that material blessings will accompany the life of a believer… although that is the way to bet, so to speak.

“On the other hand, lawlessness opens up curses. It opens up the way to defeat and to death.”

Our godless and lawless nations — cheered on by our law-hating, mystically-oriented, defeatist and escapist Christian churches — don’t believe this.

And the inescapable curses — including madness, poverty, violence, sterility, hopelessness, and death — catches up to us.

Fortunately, the current and increasing wave of decentralization opens up more and more ways to get off the collective road to death.

But we must actually walk on the road. We must actually choose life, and act in obedience to God and His word.

After all, Adam and Eve had the road to life open to them… and turned their back on it.

Mere knowledge does not save, and an opportunity to live is not guaranteed.

Choose life today. While there is time.

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