“It’s Madness!”

From Tom Woods, Fearmongers try one last desperate trick

—<Quote begins>—

Something very weird happened yesterday, even by the standard of the COVID crazies.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the end of masking and social distancing requirements as of July 19.

Shortly afterward, someone on Twitter warned that this was a bad move:

“My brother has just tested positive for Covid. The delta variant. He has been double jabbed. How on earth can Johnson go ahead with relaxing the rules on the 19th July? It’s madness.”

Now before you start thinking of replies to this person — and there are many — I want you to notice something. Apparently this guy has a lot of brothers:

Well, whatever happens to this guy, at least he’ll have a big family by his side!

Meanwhile, for those of us who have higher ambitions for our kids than becoming Twitter drones who repeat fear propaganda, I present to you the self-taught Ron Paul Curriculum, for which I created hundreds of videos on genuine (not propaganda) history, and which will give them an unfair advantage over their peers.

—<Quote ends>—

Interesting, the numbers of liars pushing to keep those restrictions up.

Or maybe just a few paid liars, and a pile of puppet Twitter accounts.

Hard to tell at this distance.


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