US Crime: Lying With Numbers

Note that the numbers below are for the pre-COVID lockdown era. They will be substantially higher now… but “substantially higher” is not going to bring the US to the top 10, or even the top 30 in the criminal rankings: the per capita levels of murder, theft, or rape numbers.

But we will only know when new numbers come out.

Mainly, what I want is for Christians to stop lying with numbers, even when they know the audience won’t check the numbers out. Our sins will find us out… so we should not commit the sin.

Speak the truth, and receive the blessing.

Lie, and receive the curse.

Quora: If you took away the five most violent cities in the United States, how safe would the country be overall?

Paul Haden, Unarmed UK police officer for 30 years.

Jakk Jakk has posted his nonsense poster below, which lacks any facts whatsoever and makes a completely false statement about how safe the USA would be with the removal of certain cities. Presumably the use of a pretty girl holding a gun is to distract most US gun fondlers from actually thinking about whether the claim is true!

He has then disabled comments to prevent his silly assertions being criticised.

If I told you that if you remove 1% of US millionaires I would be richer than 99% of the population of the USA, would you just accept my assertion without question or would you want to see the numbers behind it?

So can we see the maths behind that statement?

Still, since nobody who ever makes these assertions can actually back them up I will do the calculations for them.

The USA actually has the 6th highest number of murders per year, not the 3rd.

However, allowing for its population, it has the 93rd highest per capita rate.

So let’s take out the specified cities and their populations and homicides for 2019, the last full year of FBI figures.

Chicago – 2.7m – 490

Detroit – 0.675m – 273

Washington DC 0.69 – 166

St Louis – 0.32m – 194

New Orleans – 0.39m – 121

So let’s remove those 4.775 million people and the 1,244 murders from the US homicide statistics for 2019.

So we now have a US homicide total of 12,683 in a population of 323.43 million.

That leaves the USA still in 6th place for overall numbers and with a per capita rate of 3.92 per 100k, the 105th most murderous country in the world, with 136 being safer.

His assertion is unevidenced BS!

I have, however, left comments open for any who wish to disprove my argument. Simple abuse will be deleted.

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