McDurmon Reviews Fault Lines

The first in a series on Voddie’s book Fault Lines. (If you want to hear the section where he literally made up his own demonized definitions and put them in CRT proponents’ mouths, skip first to 1:29:00. — But the other hour and a half is important, too.)

Critical Race Theory is causing a major ruckus.

But you can’t deal with it properly unless you actually see it for what it is.

If you don’t understand your opponent, you may well lose the conflict.

If you don’t understand either the opponent or yourself, you will lose.

The introduction video to the Fault Lines book video series is also useful. The video points out that Voddie T. Baucham’s book is built on shoddy scholarship. But this is the kind of shoddy scholarship Conservatives – including Conservative Christians – eagerly lap up.

“It’s what itching ears want to hear.”

We already know that Progressives have made/are making a hash of the sciences and scholarship. We should not jump into the mud with them, to spout a different set of lies to support a different set of emotional needs, prejudices, and delusions.

To lead, we must do better. We need to respect the truth, and uphold it.

One definition of Critical race theory that interests me is from Bradly Mason, “Also a Carpenter”. Take a look yourself!

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